Friday, December 22, 2006

Lai Det Sure Kena Wan!

OK, I’m not complaining and I don’t want to complain, but I just find it extremely mind boggling every time I chew over it… what just happened this morning.

My company is having this little pre-Christmas party gathering thing, you know, with food, can drinks, and lucky draws. So the hype was building up since the beginning of the month about the lucky draw’s prizes: DVD and CD players, an expensive watch, thermos flasks, luggage bags, and oven. Every one in the office was eyeing the DVD player, of course. And its exciting for me too considering the prizes up for grab during the lucky draws at my previous company were, well can foods from the hampers presented by the suppliers.

So as the morning party started, food was shared and can drinks were popped, the time came for lucky draw too. Employee’s name was called one by one to pick their destiny. I thought I didn’t want to be an anti social so I joined the crowd, only to go back to my desk when I waited forever and got bored waiting. Many minutes later, some body called my name from across the room signalling me to “come draw your lucky number!”

I went over, and I saw only 2 numbers left, which were meant for me and the other new comer guy. And then I realized, hey, the container that housed the numbers was different. It was a pink Tupperware earlier, and now, it’s yellow. And hey there’s still quite a bit of nice items left, so how come both the new comer guy and I got the same item from a different but smaller box? We both got a ball point pen in an aged plastic box; obviously kept for many months, if not years.

And then it dawned on me, they actually categorised the numbers into 2 or 3 sets. One set of numbers was meant for the management / office execs, and the other set was for the so called lower ranking peeps, like the promoters, despatch, and new comers like me and the guy.

So naturally, all the good stuffs were for the first set of people, and the pariah things were for the latter. You tell me, got like that one or not ah? Where got lucky draw like that wan? They already predestined what we get. Cis! That's cheenaman company for you! :)

P/S The big boss got the expensive watch. Surprise!


miche said... kesian u...nevermind lar...there will always be next year. :D

Leishia J said...

hehe, man i never look forward to lucky draws!

oh btw, i'm at ur cyber cafe now as i'm replying to this comment :) quick, bring muffins!!!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

LH, your previous company ain't so bad after all eh... at least they are fair and square... any 2nd thoughts? he he he

Leishia J said...

yeah man, chong! some more i'm the administrator of the whole lucky draw, i can sapu some nicer can foods for me mama before i give out the numbers. O_o

ho ho ho! merry christmas!!!!