Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Phone Of Our Own

The Telekom man finally came late last evening after much postponement! Today the line will be activated and we’ll have our internet connection and a, get this, house phone number to call our own soon! Yay to that!

Just a little before that, I covered an event of a newly opened karaoke joint; I even did it interview-style! LoL. Well it was funny. Uh… anyho! I guess I’ll be doing more reviewing jobs now on, which I kinda enjoy it, I mean I get to go places, and meet people instead of sitting in the office processing paper work to make OTHERS’ life easier. Plus I can punch out on time without bosses making noise of me “not staying 15 minutes more to socialize”, man I couldn’t get over that one! Ha!


Jonnie said...

i'd loose the balls and go straight for a plate of wholesome rice man!

i dont understand this act of melenyekkan nasi and then roll them into balls. like, euw? and then charge me like, 50cents per ball? dingdong lah!

but anyway, hows ur trip ah? :)

12:01 PM

well my dear sis its what they are famous for. Lots of Singaporeans love them. the charge is like RM 0.30 per ball.

the trip was not bad. roads are made one way and also lots of renovation and upgrade.

Leishia J said...

wah a bit sarcastic woh brudder. be more reader-friendly can ah? kedoink!