Monday, February 05, 2007

He Remembered The Dates!

And I didn’t.

Last 1st Feb was our 4th year 1st-time-meeting-anniversary which I nicely forgot! Boo! Anyway we were out at my mom’s the whole day and maybe I was too occupied… with the TV. Heh.

At night, when we reached our apartment, I walked into our home with tea light candles forming an aisle and candles all around the house!

Some Italian dude (well he scrambled through my CDs) was crooning from the player and a hand was offered to me for a dance.

He wished me Happy Anniversary, and then I was like, GASP! Yeah hor! :D


We danced, laughed, chatted in the dark amidst the candles and cooling breeze (3rd floor from the ground always promises nice, strong winds in the house… and hence dusty floors too -_-)

It was, indeed, a night to remember, its been a real long while since we had proper time off for each other, and actually talk! Couple talk! Ha! Its amazing how we are just two of us but always seem to be busy with something even though we are together, I wonder how’s it gonna be like when the kids come in!

Happy anniversary to you too babe! May our love continue to grow healthily in a million more years to come! (Hehe, yeah, no running away! :)

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