Friday, February 23, 2007

It Pays To Have High Traffic

I am so jealous!

Remember I blogged about how you can get paid to blog a coupla days ago?

One of my blog posts-sponsors, PayPerPost, came up with a new segmentation system, awarding bloggers with high traffic blogs. These bloggers can simply earn up to USD$ 1,000.00 per sponsored post! Can you imagine that?

Oh, picture my agony! I can see all those dollar signs but I can’t click on them and claim blogging opportunity because well, I’m not qualified. Boo hoo.

But if you have a high traffic blog, you don’t have to sulk like me now (BOO!!!). Click on the PPP button on my left sidebar, and go to to sign up for an account (remember to mention me as your referral, c’mon! At least share a bit of moolah love ya? :), and you’re on your way to pocketing big bucks.

Are you serious you ask? Well, apparently, PPP only charges 35% of service fee compared to some other sites like ReviewMe that charges a 100% mark-up. Hence you get high paying opportunities.

Having said all this, no sweat either if your blog doesn’t generate a high traffic, because like me, you can still sign up and earn a small decent amount over time. You’ll never know! If you work on your blog hard enough, it might just turn out to be the site that advertisers love!

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