Thursday, February 08, 2007

Living The Dream Shower

13 years ago, when my dad bought our family house, he brought us out for tiles shopping. I loved it! Mainly because I aspired to be an interior designer then but that’s a different story all together.

When we were contemplating over the tiles for the shower, I insisted my dad to get the high-gloss, marine blue tiles on display. It was obviously one of the most expensive tiles there. But they are really cool. It’s as if water was trapped in the tiles, hence making it look super cooling and it’s as if you are in the ocean. (Disney’s Little Mermaid was the “in” thing then for a girl, you see :)

And he never regretted the choice.

Besides wanting cool cookery gadgets in MY kitchen, I think the next most important space in MY house has to be the shower: the only place where privacy is promised.

It has got to be spacious, preferably with dry and wet area. Oh how I love my shower/bathroom to be dry! The shower head and taps would be the stainless steel types, the set of toilet bowl, basin, etc would be porcelain white.

The whole setting must have loads of natural lights during the days and softened, down lights at nights. So darn relaxing!

I found just the site that provides really cool shower/bath sets and parts. You should check out their designer taps! I love, love their designs!!! Really cool stuff. The only boo-boo for me is that the site,, is UK based, hence if you are from there, rejoice! And double rejoice because delivery is free to mainland UK!

Now, if you would excuse me, I should go sketch a picture of how MY future house would look like, just you know dear hubby, for your reference ;)

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