Monday, April 23, 2007

The Little Things In Life

Last week(end) was a little bluey. The Replay event in KLCC had me standing on heels for 2 freaking hours. Urgh. At the end of it all, had to snoogle my way back to Kelana on LRT and it was raining cats and dogs. I mean, raining dogs’ totally fine with me, but raining CATS and dogs?! Damn! Oh did I mention my sense of direction only kicked in when I was half way towards Terminal Putra?

I couldn’t feel my toes for the whole of Saturday and Sunday.

There’s this fugly fatty at the event, was busy acting glamorous with Stephanie C and stood right in front of me and another girl’s face, like fat back-to-face, and totally ignoring us and cornering us out. I was so closed to kneeing him! Just that bit more and I’m pretty sure he’d have to lie on his sorry tummy for a week. Bleh!

Anyway, here’s a picture for my parents and badminton-freak uncle. Rudy Hartono, up close and personal. He was at church, preaching. A very humble yet elegant man. Everyone was so star-struck and crowding him at the end of the service to take picture with him (including yours truly…’s husband! Hah!)

Oh and I cropped myself out, cos, woah! I blew myself away! Jap, it’s time for a new camera macha!

Dangit! Output time!


Alvin said...

Wah lau yer, this fella. Don’t lar say rain in redang. Sure bright and sunny because alvin is going there to have a vacation and I believe that the sun and clouds will be nice to me to have this freaking break. HEHE.

Nice. Rudy hartono, the legend. What he shared about in church? Eh he is a badminton legend, one of a kind. I’m a sports freak so that piece of news about him sharing in your church make me so flipping jealous..hahaha..nice.

Leishia J said...

jealous leh! who ask u get to go redang ah?! mission accomplished! hohohohoho!

but then again, u sports freak meh? i thought u manchester suck-big-time united freak only? :x

hehe anyway, he shared his testimony. he was quite a humorous guy, esp when coupled with the interpreter. heh. He's an associate pastor back in bethel church indonesia now.

Alvin said...

HAHA.. terrible fella. Man, going to paradise, really can’t wait. Salivas drooling like mad thinking about it. Jealous? I know.hahahahhaa.

Eh excusey mua, what Man U suck big time? Another anti-Man U fan, well champions are like that, many envy them..hahahhaa…yeah I’m sports freak lar..i was enrolled into BAM during high school coz I was so crazy about badminton at one time…

I don’t know that rudy is a

eric thor said...

everybody is sore at MU becos we are the best!

great game by MU! well deserved win over AC Milan. muahahaha. watched it last night (or this morning) and now blur gila

Leishia J said...

yadda yadda yadda arsenal still kickass yadda yadda yadda

Alvin said...

Huh? But arsenal has been trophy-less for how many seasons already har?. Oops sorry lar, bring all this sad facts out. Maybe 3 years later lar when all the boys all mature to become men to challenge Man U for trophies. We give you some time to get some crucial experience first.

By the way, wenger could be prised away from arsenal to real Madrid. Arsenal is too “Thierry Hengry”, one man club on my personal opinion. But yeah, Man u the greatest, no one can deny that..

Eh this one become like football post, nothing to do with badminton.

Leishia J said...

ya lah!!! tis a girly blog u know!!!! i understand not one word u both are talking about!

so... lets talk about barbie! :D

eric thor said...

hahaha....this may "HAVE" been a badminton post but this is now officially an MU supporters' post.

MU fans are united! we are Manchester United! Hahahaha. Its like all true MU fans have a "connection" with each other. We dun need to know each other long.....just need to support the same team we love. Muahahahaha.

Pity Liverpool lost last night. I would love to see an MU-Liverpool Champions' League final

JapBoyRockS said...

Internet connection down.. T.T! dats not my camera la..haha! Its Eugene Tong's phone..LOLZ