Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Gripe Of A Man Married To A Blogger #45915364

“Dear, I just came back from this training, and I got all the participants’ names and contacts. Can you help me to compile it into excel?”

“Uhha” *Takes paper and studies*

“Hmm… who is dayana?”

“Oh she’s…”

“Who’s Lily?”


“Wait! Who’s SITI MARYam? SUZilawati… RahidAYU…. HEMALATHA? YOU DON’T LOVE ME ANYMORE!!!” *thunderous wails*

“O_O LOL! No lah wei! All these are fatty bom boms lah!!!”

“Hor!!! You call them fatty bom boms! I’ll blog about it! Wahahahahahah!”

“-_- Great”

*mumbles*mumbles* “… I was about to say aunties… good thing I didn’t say it”

“What did you say?!”


“You said aunties! HORRRRRR!!!!!!”


See who has the last LOL laugh? :) Yes, the blogger. Are you one yet?


Alvin said...

aiyo yo yo...why both of you so flipping funny wan?

and yeah, you are scary lar...leishia...

Iruini said...


This wan makes me laugh...
see ya...mine is

NOTE: Ariel here

Leishia J said...

alvin: me scary? *evil chortle* wait till ur married! no wait, wait till u get a girl friend! nyahahahahaha

ariel: wei, i scratched my face and told so many jokes, only this one u laugh ah! -_- kids these days! haiks!

The New Parent said...

Hi L--funny, funny post. Good to laugh in a marriage (especially at each other!).

Love your sense of humor.

tzeyanghin said...

yes, fatty bombom and aunt like are the two common description used by men... hahaha (tips: when they try to deny something...)

Leishia J said...

LOL! now i know! u ah!!!