Thursday, August 16, 2007

I’m Not Obsessed Lah! But Here’s 6 Things…

Un [uhn]
I’m (mildly) obsessed about keeping the car that I’m travelling in (as in, regardless I’m the driver or not) is driving WITHIN the lane. It annoys me whenever other cars keep eating into another driver’s lane, especially when they are negotiating a curb. It’s rude, hokay! >(

This (so-called) obsession (but it’s not lah) started the time my dad told us children “Always drive within your lane and be mindful”. See. Me good student. *beams*

Deux [duh]
I’m (also) obsessed about “perfect” parking. When I do my parking, I’d try to anticipate if my way of parking will cause trouble or make it difficult for other bloggers drivers; and when I got used to one spot, I MUST HAVE THAT SPOT.

Just the other day, over at my office car park, I found a nice spot, albeit it’s not really “a spot” per se, which I don’t usually park at. So I putter along to where I usually park, albeit it’s not really a parking lot (haiyah, long story lah, the car park has not enough lots ok).

After I parked at my usual spot, I kept staring at the new, vacant spot I found earlier. After 5 minutes of struggling, I fired up the engine and drove over to the new spot, parked and re-parked (since it’s not really a parking lot, I have to make sure I don’t cause any inconvenience for others mah!), and then finally was satisfied. Kill the engine and proceeded to my reading.

10 minutes later, I felt uneasy. I became fidgety. And now I kept looking over at my usual spot longingly, all the while kept arguing with myself if I should go back there or just shaddap and read (yes, I know the option is OBVIOUS -_-)

Another long story short, I went back to my usual spot loh. Hehe.

Trois [twa]
I’m obsessed about being meticulous… but only when I want to, and it doesn’t necessarily mean I must be like, perfectionist in ALL things I do, hokay?... although, I AM quite a perfectionist, but only in the things that I want to be; otherwise my façade *ahem* is more of a procrastinator, which I am too.

Sigh. It’s complicated.

But there are things that I must be totally meticulous about, and that is…

Quatre [kartr]
I’m obsessed about the things I type out in Word program. When I do type/write, I must be like, totally inspired to. And when that happens, I’ll type, read, revise, retype, realign, revise, retype, rephrase, re-read, re-read, re-read, and then only I save/post/publish. And then I’ll go back to re-read 324 times for 3 consecutive days until I’m satisfied with my own erm, humour... I do a lot of self-amusement, you see... heh.

Cinq [sank]
The same goes to HTML codes. (Disclaimer: I am NOT saying I’m an HTML expert, hokay! I just NEED my layouts to be nice, clean, aligned, and coordinated.)

Six [seaze]
I’m obsessed about being punctual (like at least 10 minutes early sorta punctual). I just need to be early for everything or else I’ll die have no rest. I’ll be grumpy and grouchy. I’ll be extremely nervous, I'll also probably be sarcastic and aggressive or something.

So you know of any good, cheap shrinks?

Sept [set]
I’m obsessed about animals’, especially dogs’ welfare. This doesn’t count, because that’s just being loving and kind hearted (iaitu sifat mencintai haiwan-haiwan dan tumbuh-tumbuhan dalam buku teks Pendidikan Moral. Tidakkah anda juga belajar tentang sifat mulia ini?)

I can’t think of any other obsessions lah! *sigh long long* So I’m not really such an obsessed-freak after all, right?

Duh! I forgot to mention, this tag’s a combo from Peiling-uist and Adino the wife beater. And I'm tagging you.


Adino said...

Lawlll ! (that's how I pronounce LOL). I think you're just a very considerate person, and also worried about what other people think about you. You must be phlegmatic!

And erm... what's this about the wife beating? You mean I beat her at video games? I only hit her once only. And I didn't mean it. It just happened before I could stop myself.

[advertisement] Go to my blog and read all about it! [/advertisement] hehe there's some xml for you :)

Also don't worry la, you have a good sense of humour. I always lawl at your jokes.

In conclusion, Pendidikan Moral is an oxymoron because Malaysia Pendidikan = Brainwashing = No Morals!

Alvin said...

You silly silly really really got a lot of spare time to write so long hor? need to work ar..hahaa.

Nice one, I laughed at almost all the pointers. You are really one weird dude-dette. Your husband is lucky to have you…nah, see I give you compliments..see..

Girls and parking….is like durian and beer. They don’t go well together…suicidal…..wakakakakaka.

Moral….urgh…don’t even want to start talking about it….we learned moral from reading books…what the…then our nation leaders need to go through an intense Moral course then…..

Leishia J said...

Lawll. doing the mat salleh thang? and whats phlegmatic?! so bombastic wan... it's not "being a person with a lot of phlegmn, is it?

and this about wife beating is helping u to advertise loh. ahem.

hey, ur post lagi satu, complete with pictures of YOURSELF, some more all dressed up in your, erm, costumes! haha kudos also lah!

girls and parking and driving is like durian and beer and XO. suicidal, definitely. but THIS DOESNT APPLY to me. my driving and parking is top class. ok, a little below topclass, but still, better than many ade! go ask jason! hehehe