Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Little From The Past

My dad is moving his shop to a better, more prominent location in these 2 months’ time. It’s a bitter sweet feeling. I’ve practically grew up living in the back of the shop while my dad runs his tailoring business at the front premise.

My sisters and I would hold tea parties with the mannequins when the shop’s closed on weekends when we were wee bit of peanuts. When there’s no one around, I’ll play make believe and dance with the mannequins smarted up in suits, imagining them to be my handsome knight. Only the knight was headless.

We would hide amidst the rolls and rolls of textiles from my grandma who would shout and hunt us down for us to have our dinners. My grandma is a great cook. When I grew older, and started going to schools, I made friends, whom I could talk to for hours on end, it’s amazing! I would take the cordless phone, and hide inside the fitting room and chat forever! If you ask me now, I serious don’t know how I did it before. The topics that we could come up with!

And when I grew older still, my dad’s measuring tapes that hung around the giant globe on his work desk became my best friend. My sisters and I, we would measure each other’s waist, and taunt each other for being fat while secretly worrying if our chest will ever expand.

Back then, us siblings, all 4 of us, and my grandma, would bunk into a “room” made using sturdy wood planks on a raised platform. That was our heaven for many years. We cracked silly jokes in the still of the nights, swapped eerie ghost stories, argued and quarrelled, cried till our eyes popped from the socket because we failed our exams… all in that makeshift room painted white with a cool sliding door.

Now I can’t say I want to go back in time and relive those moments, but they sure are beautiful memories. And as we grow older, I reckon these are the little things in life that glue a family together.


Bengbeng said...

well written abt yr experiences during yr childhood days. I can imagine it thru yr writings.

Anonymous said...

Hi L---such a poignant post. Some wonderful memories you shared here, thank you (smile)!

Leishia J said...

haha thanks guys! i'll sure miss the place!

Adino said...

I still think mannequins are really creepy. Especially those that are smiling all the time.

But sounds like you had a wonderful place to grow up and play in. I would take lots of photos and videos for remembrance sake.