Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Of Addiction & Love

When your guy is a emo guy drama king sentimental man…

Him: Hello? Hey dear.
Her: Hey! Waddup!!!! :D
Him: Look, I know you’re busy at work and all, but one quick question.
Her: Shoot.
Him: Did you like, drugged me or anything?
Her: ... Drugged you. As in pot and magic shrooms?
Him: Yeah, as in drug drugged… cos I’m like so addicted to you lah. So did you?
Her: Uhh… busted?
Him: *gasp* You did not!
Her: Haha! I still have some tuna-and-mac leftover. Dinner at home tonight?

... you just gotta out-drama out-wit him. Hehe.


abby's mummy said...

oh my...thats so sweet! *pengsan*

how old are you guys again? :lol:

essie-chan said...


Leishia!!! you made me smile during Malaysian Studies class, while the lecturer was talking about the special rights of Malays!!!

Now I feel so dumb because I looked so happy so randomly during class. Geez.

Hahahahahaha~ Yeh man! Bullshit uh I mean out drama uh I mean outwit the emo drama king! Yay! So fluff!

*is speaking a different language*
I'm going crazy where are you! I haven't seen you in ages! =( I is sad.

The New Parent said...

Hi L---that's so funny and you're very funny (smile)! But, he's also so funny for those thoughts, eh?

Leishia J said...

erm... *fiddle dwiddle* well..... old enough to have magic shrooms?! :x LOL

so fluff. lol i love ur "fluff" lah! make sme feel so.... fluffed too! owhz, dun be sad, *huggies* actually, i is sad too.... but oh well.

*is beaming cos someone ACTUALLY thinks she's farny!* LOL

tan said...

hey leisha,

i have a confession to make... i love reading ur conversations with "him"...

he's such a sweetie u know! hehe... =)...

and ur reaction always amuses me... makes me laugh.. ahhaha...

anyway! yeah thats my confession... please dun stop posting ur conversations with "him"... hehehe... =P