Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Of Joy & Parenting

In about 10 days’ time (according to Jap lah), I’m gonna be a proud parent…. OMG, my heart’s thumping soo fast I can hardly contain it! Jeng jeng jeng!!! A baby lappy’s gonna be mine! YAY!!! World domination!

I can now officially go steal WiFi connection be a yuppie in Starbucks!

P/S Have you any baby names suggestions for my tot? Gender unknown yet. Weeee~


Tine said...

Aiya, cheh, I thought what :p

Alvin said...

what the donuts...i thought what lar...ceh..

drama lar you..aiyor.. =P

Leishia J said...

... what woh? *sniff* I'm really excited about it's arrival mah.... :(

double weee~~~~ >_<

essie-chan said...

=__= I can imagine what you'd be like on Sunday if you got pregnant and came to church.

Well, what kind of lappy is it? If it's just a dell, call it Bell.

If it's Acer, call it Pacer.

If it's HP, call it Harry Potter.

If it's a Sony Vaio, call it Sexyback.

If it's a Macbook Pro, don't call it anything. Shut up and kiss it.

Leishia J said...

if there's a BESTEST BLOG COMMENT AWARD, you'd win it hands down behbay!

anyway, i SO wish to call it Sexyback with "Shaddapnkissit" as its middle name, BUT ALAS, looks like a Bell it is. le sigh. but i refused to call my lappy BELL! Gah!

maybe Bello. Porto Bello! GRILLED porto bello. yum!

oh dear, i digressed -_-

essie-chan said...

^^; ehh, it wasn't anything special... I mean, doesn't everyone make funny names out of them?


*_* *drool*