Monday, March 10, 2008


THANK YOU! Thank you for believing in your own judgement, for believing in the power of your one vote, for believing in the power of unity, for rising to the occasion and putting your foot down for a change, for not fearing our ministers’ various threats about May 13 and political unrest should we vote them out, for believing in makkal sakthi - people’s power! We’ve made it! YOU have made this possible!!!! THANK YOU MALAYSIANS! THANK YOU *bows*

Like I’m contesting liddat -____-

Anyway! :) I’m so happy!!! And touched T__T 2/3 denied! I can't believe after 50 years! We're finally coming closer to grasping the idea of democracy, albeit slowly. It's gonna be interesting from now on. The country's leader's gonna have to be always on their toes, making sure they do their job, be it oppositions or the ruling party. I'm feeling more like a Chinese Malaysian Malaysian now :)

P/s Let us all be calm and cool amidst all the joy and excitement and not give anyone any reasons to find fault and declare any sort of emergency/martial law/whatyouhave. Don't provoke and be provoked. We've shown them our power, let us also show them our maturity and self-control at all times! This is only the beginning, and it's gonna be a long journey for all! So let us all walk closely and together in this!

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