Thursday, March 06, 2008

This Is It! Crunch Time!

Tomorrow In one and a half day's time, we'll be out voting *excitingness* and I sure hope you have had your mind made up!

Unlike previous years, we have been casting our votes based on a steady feed from our local mainstream media. Our government has been what they want us to believe they are through the portrayal of the very much controlled media. And kudos! They've done it very well! (Just read our newspapers! I was flipping through yesterday's Star and I was so disgusted, every article is about how great is BN and what a liar is the opposition. The writings are all just so skewed! Sickening)

Well... until now. With the internet, at least more people are aware of the true picture. I hope.

The things which I've been posting over this period of time were not intended to incite hatred or God forbids, to spread rumours! If you would just do your research and read up (from every angle and alternative, not just TV3, TV1 and 2, NTV7, 8TV, and every other controlled form of news), it is not difficult to see the jokes and blatant lies our government is pulling on us.

Earlier on I posted some facts about the amendment of constitution in a couple of countries, namely:

- The USA has been in existence for more than 200 years and their constitution was only amended 27 times.
- Australia has been in existence since 1901 (107 years) and the constitution has only been amended 7 times.

Let's look at our home country. We have just celebrated our 50th anniversary and the Malaysian Constitution has been amended some 690 times.

And out of the many, many reasons they change the constitution, the latest one has got to be my favourite: to extend the EC chairman's contract. *applause*

Have you guys watched any videos when the Parliament is in session? Have you seen how arrogant these rakyat representatives behaved? Shutting the oppositions up whenever they began their speeches? Have you been thrown at with racist and sexist remarks by our representatives as much as the oppositions have endured?

Now, allow me to make clear that I am not endorsing any parties, both current power and the oppositions, far from it. In fact we all know how both sides fare as far as their capability is concerned in running a country.

What I am endorsing is, to exercise our right as a citizen, come out and vote with an informed mind, and deny 2/3. It is with a balance representation from all parties only will the country be checked and grounded, and grow thereon. It is common sense, when the power to be has a 2/3 backing them up, can the remaining 1/3 still object? In fact, there's no need for any kind of debating any longer!

Remember the AG report? A set of 4-screwdriver that costs RM224 amongst other items? What happened now? No news? What about the memorandum calling for a review of laws affecting the right of the non-Muslims submitted by 9 non-Muslim cabinet members to the PM and then kena tendang balik the following day? The many names bloggers were called by the leaders: goblok (that’s equivalent to stupid in Indon), beruk, liars. The rapist cum murderer of little Nurin who is still free at large and Sharlinie’s still missing. And there are so many more cases that were swept under the carpet, out of sight out of mind.

Sometimes, seriously, we really can’t blame the authorities but ourselves. Simply because we appointed them by our votes, when things happened and brought to our attention, we got angry for a while and then we forgot about it, no point bringing it up, no use wan, government can do anything, we can’t fight against them, it’s like that wan lahhhhh. As long as it don’t affect me, I can close one eye, why so kaypoh?

Ever heard of malang tak berbau? Things can just happen to you :)

Yes, I have a job and I'm happy with it, I have a house to stay in albeit renting, I get to drive around in my locally made Wira and be entertained in the cinema, but is that all I really care about? Bread and butter issues? Me, myself, and I only? No! I want to be a proud Malaysian! One who can stand out amidst my foreign friends and speak of my love for this country, for the just government that I've voted for, the government that I can trust my problems to! Now? Now I rather keep my mouth shut on a table of various citizens, lest I’d be asked “Oh Malaysia. So what is happening to your government? Why can’t you get a permit for a peaceful demo? Aren’t you a democratic country?”

Dot dot dot. Sweat.

I’ve been asking myself over and over again. Why should I settle for the 2nd best (like now, gohmen is like that wan, everywhere also the same. I get to survive enough already) when I can determine a first class, just, and professional government with my vote? I just can’t be so short sighted and keep quiet simply because I have all the essentials that promised my basic survival and close one eye to the corruptions around me!

Our Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin told Al Jazeera that we are not Pakistan, not Burma, not Myanmar (aren’t Burma and Myanmar the same? O_o), my question to him is, why are we comparing ourselves, who we claimed to be a much more developed country, to those who are still struggling? Yes, so that we may be thankful that our country is not like others. OK. And then? What’s next? So we should be thankful and just stay there? What about improvements? No need to continue to develop the country already is it since we are better than them? Why not we compare ourselves with say, Singapore, Australia, and the lot? Oh you know, just so that we LEARN, and IMPROVE for real?

You see, if I fear change, then I shall not expect improvement. Unless I deem improvement is useless and want to stay where I am forever, then I should also forever shut my mouth and never ever complain about the sorry state that I'm in in this country! I really hope you share the same sentiments too.

I was watching 10,000BC yesterday. And at the ending, when the lead character D’Leh was trying to convince his people and the many people from other tribes who were enslaved to come together as one and fight the oppression, most everyone felt unsure. They were not happy, obviously, to have their families killed brutally, and be made a slave and build some tower for some mere man who claimed to be the almighty, and to sleep in jails and treated like dirt; but when opportunity arrived for them to make a change, they hesitated, afraid of shaking the boat and causing catastrophic results.

What if the change brings freedom in its truest sense? Ever thought of that?

Politics in Malaysia are far from being dandy and clean, that much you should already know. When you have the power to extend the contract of the EC chairman, do you not think you'll also make use of your power to ensure your winning? A win that is so crucial to ensure a happy pocket? Think about it.

In fact, don't just sit there in front of this post and think! Talk to people, google up facts, dig out newspapers, compare manisfestos vs results, study the track records, in summary, don't let others, like me, to talk you into voting for any party for that matter!

Yes, I’ve said that votes can be manipulated, which is what is happening all the while. (seriously where do you think the phantom votes come from? The dead who came back to vote? Children’s names on the voter’s list, etc, etc, etc.) That said, we still cannot ignore our responsibility as a voter in this country! However dirty the tricks powers can pull, we must first do our part, which is to step out and vote.

Remember, the downfall of any organisations lies in the failures of the leadership. If the leadership of a country is not strong, is selfish, then the country will be weak, you and I in it will suffer. So if you understand how important each and every one of you are as an individual that made up this country is, then please, I urge you, again and again, vote with an informed mind this coming 8th of March; a date that will determine our lives for the next 5 years.

If by now, you’re still reading my rambling here at this point, I’m sure your heart is for Malaysia. But Malaysia doesn’t and will not belong to you unless you make your stand and claim it.

I’m so ready for tomorrow. Saturday!


Michelle said...

when is election day? 7 or 8? Fri or Sat???? I'm confused now. :P

leishia said...

ah. i'm so excited, i've been thinking it's tomorrow!

essie-chan said...

You know what I feel like voting now hahahahaa

But yeah, I wish Malaysia could move forward too, so we don't have to keep migrating and causing other nations problems ahahahaa eh the register for migrations must be PACKED with Malaysians man. Especially Australia's.

But just a random note...

Has ANYONE noticed how the bajillion other cases of child-napping gets squished under the rug, but this Sharlinie has been so deadly persistent in the media and everything?

WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT HER that she eats up so much of publicity? Not that it's bad but I don't think any other kid has EVER gotten this much hoo-ha. Sharlinie Sharlinie Sharlinie. WHERE THE * ARE YOU SHARLINIE!! I just don't get it man. What on earth did Sharlinie do to deserve such a looooooooooooooooooooong time in the media that other kids didn't do?

I guess I'm bitching about it because the amazing Sharlinie's picture bugs the crap out of me. PHOTOEDITORS WHO HAD THE PICTURE IN THEIR HANDS PRIOR TO PUBLISHING... WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU LOT DOING!?

Randomness over.

Alvin said...

this 12th general election has to be one of the most important election ever in our history if not the MOST important yet.

I want to believe that with the awareness generated from bloggers like yourself, online portals, that the 2/3 majority can be denied, for for a better tmrw...

check this video's pretty smart..

vote for change!

Eric Thor said...

nicely put. good summary to the upcoming elections. now we have 1 blog with dirty linen of the opposition (my blog...hehehe) and 1 blog with dirty linen of the government that is not based on rumours.

Hidup blogs! Mati rumours and cover-ups!

leishia said...

exactly! the migrating part -_- i do wonder why certain child missing cases get so much of media attention while everyday there are children who went missing/raped/molested/killed. really crazy world we have out there. :(

u bet this is gonna be the dirtiest election yet!!! but we're gonna fight to the end!!!! thanks for the link!