Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It's not the miracle that we need, it's the faith. Miracle comes only with visible faith!

And trust God's hand in Andy's life... He is definitely in control.


Leon said...

When I first saw that picture a long time ago I was so moved.

Now when I think about it? Faith is that simple. Please remind Andy that I am also here praying for him.

God I know you always had a plan for him since he was a little boy. Andy I know God will take care of you

leishia said...

Hi Leon!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving such encouraging comment, not just for Andy, but for all of us who are rooting for him, and of course, Him!

According to Andy's mom, he's doing extremely well on the road to his bone marrow transplant sometime end of this month, even the doctor's shocked and acknowledged God's work! Praise God! :D

We are really excited for the news and will definitely trust in God and continue to pray for total healing!