Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An Out Of The Blue (And Yellow) Evening

We’ve since moved in to our new pad for 2 and half months now and we haven’t officially invited anyone over. Well simply because our wardrobe is still in the living room (!), our CDs are on the floor, the weeds are having a field day, and the paintings and photos are not up!

So finally we hopped over to Ikea on a work-night, hoping to bag some good buys and ideas. Man, I’ve forgotten how long since I’ve last set foot in Ikea! When I was younger (and was all hot about becoming an interior designer), Ikea was D dream company! I'd make dad to bring us over every Sunday after dinner! I just love, love the whimsical ambience there! It’s so cool!

We drifted from one showroom to another, seeing so many new, fresh things, soaking up the ideas, drinking in the ambience, and with the air-con on high, I was reminded of the carefree times when I was in Finland! Oh the bliss!

After all the walking, giggling, and discussing about the furniture like 2 real adults big time designers, we hung out at the cafeteria and chatted over a meal of meatballs, chips, laksa, and chicken wings, and free flow of cappuccinos *heart*. It was so fun and relaxing! I should really, really do this again!


LindaLow said...

Enjoy this b4 the arrival of juniors:)

LindaLow said...

Oh ya, tks for the tips for b/day present:) Love it.