Monday, January 19, 2009

Robbed of Rights

You’ll never know what you’ve missed until you lose it.

How cliché! And we have to learn that face-on through a dog and 2 pups. Not just any dogs, stray dogs at that!

The town council p*gs peeps came. They are barbarians Let’s just say they are not friendly people. There were a lot of choking, forcing, dragging, generally terrible, miserable rough handlings. We were so mad, you have no idea.

And the bravest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life was, I threw my temper, black face, unfriendly words, and everything else in the package at these oh-I’m-just-doing-my-job p*gs people worker.

“The God who created them, created YOU too! We are not stopping you from doing your job, but have a heart. These are only babies damnit!”

The mother was barking for help, in anger, in agony, in fear, in tears.

Another litter is in the bird house - generously and kindly offered by a lady neighbour.

The handsome papa dog is now gone.

No goodbyes. No more shadows of him. No more peeping from behind the fence when we come home. No more wagging of tail begging for food when we step out from the house. No more tailing us whenever we go for walks.

No more.

They are gone. Made widows, made fatherless, made brotherless. Made friendless.

Made lonely. Made lost. Made fearful.

An SMS came in.

“I was trying to hide from you yesterday. I actually miss the father dog.”

Me too. I miss him too...


Essie said...

tsk. Dogs... Stray creatures in general... heck, all manner of animals get seriously poor treatment here in Malaysia.


Don't EVER visit the National Zoo it's a complete wreck. Every single creature in there looks almost dead.

Can't believe these people.

JapBoyRockS said...

wo de tian ah! finally a blog post... i hari hari click and refresh till i sien XD!

haihz...this is life. thats how WWF and SPCA come about... but then again... even they cant do much!hmm... maybe u can use this reason to back up ur dog ministry! XD!

Essie said...


SEEEEEEEEEERIOUS WEI I everyday check my RSS feed multiple times just to see if you've updated.


=) Cheer up. All dogs go to heaven. Right?

leishia said...

joh i'm so touched lah u people! T_T

and really jap, dog ministry is soo kicking off! *snap white headband on* >(