Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It's A(nother) Beachy Day

No Lang Tengah pictures until the mag's out! So fast forward a bit and here's our Labour's Day outing to...

Tada! @ Sepang. Anymore beaches and Imma puke in your soup!

Uh, being... retarded?

Don't question about the pose.
Just. Don't. -__-

But then, it's really quite a nice place lah, this beach.

Twas' a hot, hot day... It drove people nuts.



See the amount of liquid we consumed? It was really hot ok! =.= We tahan-ed the weather for the sake of the femes charsiew pau and the femes kopi, and the femes durian, AND THEN, we realized it was Labour Day AND SO the (Tanjung Sepat) village was thronged with human AND car traffic! It was horrible! We ended up leaving early, with no paus, no kopis, no durians. Boo! The above coffee were chosen out of no choice. AND it was diluted! Euw!

Some mushrooms factory farm we visited.

It's.... well, interesting... I guess. zzz.


Uncle Ditz's Sunshine Cake! And the waiters took my matches! T__T
and Rachel's bestest rendition of a sunshine smile and sunshine costume. Well hey, she tried!

The sugar babe atop the cake was so cute loh (faster praise my creative eye in cake decorating!)! Until they twisted his head off, and pulled out the limbs and shared amongst themselves, like lollies. What are the youth of this world becoming?! Haiks.

Jason: This is how our future daughter looks like!
Me: .... O_O
Ju: Uh... *shifty eyes*
Man, I dunno to laugh or to cry. No offence, Ju, but, he's just. so. jinxing. my. baby. design!!! >(

The end! Wau, I can't believe my efficiency in uploading piccies these days! So, I'm like, 3 days late, but for a procrastinator, pfft! I hail myself!

Next stop, Kuantan/KB!


Essie said...

Well, in defense of that coffeeshop, the kopi was EXCELLENT...


Yes. Yes it was. It was actually very, very good. Hot.

leishia said...

excellent meh?


hmm. or maybe the hot version is excellent?.... must be lah, hot stuffs' usually better. hehe

Gladwin Jiann Singh said...

hey, Gladwin here.. =) Ur cousin.. weehee..

Nice blog by the way.

Newayz, just dropped by to say hi!!

Take care.. =)

Gladwin Jiann Singh said...

Yei.. U replied.. Woohoo..
Starbucks? Coffee bean la!! =)
Anyway, why don't u put a chatbox in ur blog. Easier for me to leave a message to you.Hehe.. =)

Take care auntie..

smiley said...

i look so
=.= ......yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr in that pic
movie ?
nyek nyek nyek nyek
*mischievous grin*
Gurls only!

smiley said...

lei shia .....urmm

can you like join us for sleep overs?
Jason kor kor!!
can leishia join us ???

leishia said...

ok, i just have to answer rachel first!

YES! YES! GIRLS' ONLY SLEEPOVER! YESSSSSSS!!!!! i never had any of those sleepovers before :(

cousins' dun usually address each other uncle-aunty -_- but coffee bean also can! :D teehee!


Gladwin Jiann Singh said...

Haha yea... My bad. Mom just told me bout it too... sowee Lei Shia jie jie... (Hope I spelt that right)LOL... =)