Friday, June 12, 2009

Landed And Off Again!

Just came back from church camp @ Genting! I enjoyed it through and through (the fellowship and the services!)! It was so amazing to dwell in His awesome presence!!! How I wish everyday is a church camp day and I’d get to chill with my friends at all times! Sigh~

But now we are back to reality -__- my reality is an office to report back to, load and load of laundry to be cleaned, deadlines to meet, house to clean (eek!), a class of stubborn tweens to be taught, a naughty puppy’s logistics to settle, and suitcases to be cleared out… only I have to repack again now for I’ll be off to Cambodia!!!!!!!!!!!!! (exclamation marks are added to excite myself =.= I blame the haze for my lack of enthusiasm! Zzz)

Things are moving so fast these days, but at the same time, so slow it annoys the guts outta me! Probably it’s the good times that are going fast and the bad times are just too slow for my liking *grumbles*grumbles* In all things, give thanks to the Lord! :x

Oh well, it’s the usual “les choses de la vie”, no escape.

Well hey, keep in touch through facebook lah! I’m off to make my packing checklists, edit papers, meet deadlines, self-motivate to go see my boss… grr, why can't life just be puppies, coffee, and all things nice! Haiks!


peiling said...

Well to be frank we shouldn't wish that everyday is a church camp day because that would defeat the purpose the Lord has for us in this world, which is to go and make disciples. the camp was supposed to refresh us anew and continuing that purpose He has for us in this world ma. as long as we set our eyes on the Home we will return after this life, life won't be too sucky :)

Jaime said...

Hello! Yes, missing church camp. Always happens! Btw, what do you mean by, 'a class of stubborn tweens to be taught'? ;p

leishia said...

aiyior pastor peiling!!! >.< yes lah, of course thats what camps are for, only a wishful thinking mahhh *pouts*tantrum*sulk* haha! :D

yo jaime! eh which jaime are u ah? tan, fong, liew, or yap? lol so sorry! just too many jaimes in my list! ANYWAY! that means i'm giving tuition to a class of 10 pax of tweens and they are stubborn kids! grr.

aiVee said...


mana gambar??? u know la which one... right? =P

gambar yang u potong rambut..


leishia said...


HAHAHAHAHAHA eh! the *ahem* u recommended quite the hamscum leh! hahahahahhahahahahahaha *is smitten*

uh... but no picture yang i potong rambut tu. wait lah ok wait. i'll uh, somehow take one. oh and the pictures u asked me to take of ur boyboy, I DID TAKE OK! only i took it using someone's camera and he's taking forever to send me! :( but i did take ok!

JapBoyRockS said...

wow... Ai vee asking everyone around for her boyboy's photo...



i tried sending one to her but she didnt accept it... =.=

eh miss... leishia... dah la banyak holiday... dun la complain... swt!~