Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

The weather is such a killa! I don't like tropical weather anaymor! Argh, and I can't wait to get this girl outta me! Not that it's heavy or anything, but it's just, in the way, you know. I must sit very straight in order that I can breathe, I must lay like a log leaning on a mountain of pillows in order that I can keep the food down. I must remind myself to w.a.l.k and not run because well, I'm just forgetful like that. It's just... quite, woah, big task, you know. Plus! I'm still getting the metallic tongue! Bleurgh!

But on a more serious happier note, I think my tummy muscles are getting good exercise. The girl's one heck of a hip hopper OR a drummer OR a maestro! -_- My tummy's getting all the kneading and moulding and poking and stretching in all possible directions it has never gotten its entire life, until well, now. She'd squirm her neck, bob her head, kick my guts, and punch my bladder like the world womb is hers. But well, technically it is hers for now. -_-'

But all these grumbling aside *switch to normal-good-parent mode*, of course I thank God that she's growing so well, and to be positive and looking it from a different angle, only 2 months left.

Positive thinking is hard >.< hah!

Right now, Jason and I are running crazy getting all the baby/mother stuff in order. If you guys have any of those things in that category to hand down, please look our way! We'd be happy to give them a temporary shelter until there's another home we can pass it down (or back) to!

OH! ALSO! Very quickly and very randomly, if all the internet and gadget gods love me enough, I should be getting my internet connection at home AND a netbook latest by next month! Can you tell I'm rweally, rweally happy? >D Time to pop the champagne coca-cola Anmum Materna milk powder already (woe. is. so. me... haiks... T_T)

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