Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey Mr. Smith!

I love simple recipes. Better still, if the recipes include a cleaner to clean and wash up the mess after me. Heh.

I saw this awfully simple pasta recipe on AFC’s Chef At Home by Michael Smith the other day and I was inspired, to have spaghetti, that is. All I need were bacon, onion, rosemary, and a can of tomato sauce or paste, I think!

Since Jason is a non-tomato eater (hah! His loss!), I decided to cook it for lunch. It was however, a huge disappointment when I found out Tesco Puchong don’t sell bacon! -__- So I had to settle with ham.

What you need to do is basically:
- Chop the bacon up
- Brown them in a pan without oil
- Pour off excess of bacon fat
- The chopped onion goes in, sauté till soft
- If you fancy garlic, one whole head will go in the pan too after the onion’s almost soft, because according to Chef Smith, garlic browns/burns way much faster than onion does
- After a few minutes, the whole can of tomato sauce goes in along with a splash of water
- Throw in the rosemary too. I used dried rosemary instead of fresh ones. Sprinkle in salt and pepper, I added a tiny dash of sugar too
- Simmer for an hour. I did mine in 30 minutes heh
- Boil the type of pasta you fancy. Spaghetti is the way for me, baby.
- Top up the sauce
- And dig in!

I added one more step to the recipe:
- Sprinkled some cheese over the dish and baked it for 5-6 minutes in the oven, till the cheese melted and is gooey.

And I did a bruschetta (kononlah!) with the leftover sauce for tea break. Oorh! I can eat pasta sauce everyday like this! +.+ Yum!

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