Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tubby Frappy

I just came to realize that Colbie Caillat’s Capri is a pregger’s theme song! I hereby dedicate this song to baby Frap and myself! =D

Thanks to infant formula, my frappy is becoming more and more chubby *swt* I mean, think about it, babies are drinking “formula” – a composition of… things, instead of plain ole, say, cow’s milk or something.

Anyway! Just me being paranoid. ~_~

Frappy’s been a good baby. She now sleeps through the night after her last feeding at around 11pm/12am, only to wake up at 5/6am for her next (without going through any cry-feed-water-force-to-sleep kinda training! Can you tell already how proud zee mama is? *happy tears*), granting her mama highness some much needed sleep! So when she’s up for her fix, you can always hear her tummy growling and see her mouth puffing like a fish outta water! Haha!

Oh and how she loves to stretch and stretch and STRETCH! Like the hands of a clock, every stretch or squirm will cause her to move (anti)clock-wise. It’s funny and (annoying!) to see how paranoid the father is about this!

I think she’s beginning to learn to smile these days, though still not apparent, but sometimes when I’m chatting with her doing funny sounds or singing to her, she’d look at me with her biggest, widest, purest eyes and then, smile for 3 whole seconds *totally melted* Ah can’t wait till she can smile and gurgle for real!

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