Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Halloween Came Late For Me

My worst nightmare (ok, ONE of my worst nightmares) finally happened on Sunday.

Frappy fell from the bed. And a pretty high bed at that T__T

The thing is, she was sleeping on my parents’ bed when I checked on her, and then 5 minutes later, there was a loud bang, followed by loud wailing. I’m telling you, when you become a parent, you will understand how that feels. That surreal, heart-stops-beating, complete horror, I’m-dying-right-now feeling. Actually, you know what, there’s just no word can ever describe that moment! I just dieded 100 million times. T___T

I fell hard you know! But I'm a brave girl!

My guess is, she woke up because she pooped, and then she attempted her 360 degrees turn, only it wasn’t that successful this time, she only managed 180 degrees, reached the edge of the bed, slipped, and fell, free style. Onto her tummy. In a room permeated with the smell of poo. T___________T

But my Frappy is a strong and mighty baby of God! She just cried very kesianly for a minute or two, and then she started smiling and playing with me as if nothing happened (with tears in her eyes can you imagine that pitiful face?! T___T). But I’m still paranoid!!!!!!!!! What if she sustained a concussion or whatever you call it! I pressed and rubbed every inch of her skin trying to see if there’s any internal injury that will make her cry. No such thing. She’s as happy as happy can ever be. BUT I’M STILL PARANOID!!!!!! T______________T

Oh but there is one difference I noticed. She’s more smiley than before. After the fall, she was smiling whenever anyone smiled to her, it’s as if her smiles are free (it wasn’t before)! Am I paranoid? Yes I think I'm paranoid! Is it wrong to be paranoid? I'm a mother! Mothers should be paranoid right? What if that's an after-fall effect?! It's that good? Or bad? And I'm blabbering to myself now right? Yes you are, Leishia. And you are calling yourself by name. Great. Kill me now please. =___='''

Jason says looks like she needs more falling from now on to get her to smile more. -_- Don’t you just love his post-incident humour when he was the one who went all berserk asking me how I can LET her fall? Zzzz. Yay for dads.  


Adino said...

I know how you feel. My baby Daryl fell from the bed just last weekend.

There will be many instances where our kids will get hurt. We can never prevent 100%, we can just minimize the risk. So don't blame yourself and trust God to protect your daughter.

leishia said...

hey, long time no see... uh, hear, adino. haha :) hows it going?

yeah, guess we can only trust God on things that are beyond our control (after doing all necessary precautions). haiks.