Friday, December 30, 2011

Nineteen Going On Twenty (Four)!

Frappy is just doing (and saying) too many new things that I have (to try my best) to jot them down here. She is nineteen months old now and is every bit a sweet pea!

Frappy says:
Kap – duck
Bop – frog
Mamiii - mom
Papa - dad
Popo – grandma
G’ng g’ng – grandpa (it’s this really weird but funny nasal sound she makes)
Diu diu – her uncle my brother
Jie jie – generally that’s how she’d address girls
Kaka – kakak
Kar – car
Ball – ball
Hai – hi/hello
Babai – bye bye
Xie xie – mandarin for thank you.
Vou vou – dog (used to call them dogs, but picked up the baby language – wou wou – for dog from somewhere and is stuck now. But instead of the common -w- sound, Frappy does it the mat salleh way – vou vou. Zzz.)
Nen nen – banana (can you believe it?! -.-)
Ees – please

Frappy does:
When getting ready to shower, she’d pick up and place the stool and her shower gel on the floor, before squatting down on her own and make the shhh sound (if that’s not obvious for you then I erm, let’s just forget it lah) and brush her own teeth with the toothbrush.

When eating (meals or snacks), she’d clasps her hands, bows her head, and sometimes shuts her eyes to say grace. These days, she’s picked up the habit of holding out her arms to hold the persons on both her sides’ hands when saying grace. It’s pretty darn cute when she seems so serious about it. Oh and when we are praying, she’d also bow and nod her head in agreement. Haha!

She enjoys waving hellos and goodbyes to everyone (known or unknown); while doing that she’d say haiii enthusiastically, and babaiii forlornly. Going to the hospital or strolling in our neighbourhood feels like doctor’s rounds for us (she being the doctor), given the way she greets and chats with everyone in sight. And she does it with utmost empathy for that matter. Like, seriously.

Whenever she picks up something with handles (bags, baskets, etc), she’d start dragging it in her arm towards the door while turning back intermittently to say babaiiii.

According to Jason, on a few occasions when he plays ball with her, she was able to catch the ball accurately.

When Oli sleeps, Frappy would ask us (by making the sound) to shhhh, and placing a finger in front of her lips.

She still loves dancing! You should see how she’d drop everything she’s doing when she hears a catchy tune and just stands up and dance! Upbeat, vigorous moves for rap, girly twirls for slower beats. It really taught me to just live in the moment.

Taught her how to do ballet twirls (with both hands above the head!) and she loves it! She'd twirl for ages, and I regret for teaching her because I need to keep humming that whatsitsname classical piece and it gets boring.

She still nods as a sign of thank you, but she’d say xie xie. I guess it’s easier to pronounce.

She’s learned her body parts! She can point to her fingers, toes, mouth, eyes, cheeks, forehead, chin, ears, nose, and tummy.

Sometimes I suspect she can understand complex sentences, just like an adult. When I ask her to “step on mommy’s feet” (to move and dance), immediately she would do so although that was the first time I gave such instruction. Or when I ask her to go pick something that she wants to wear after shower, she would go straight to her drawer and pull out something.

When asked if she wants milk, she’d go running looking for her bottle and bring it to me, flash me the biggest smile, nod her head, and scoot over to lie down on the couch and wait for her milk.

Needs to be independant now, by wanting to do everything on her own. Sometimes the power struggle goes on, like, when out, she wants to walk and explore the place on her own, which is dangerous, and when we insist to hold her hand, she'd fight to free herself, and she's unable to do so, she'd sit/squat on the spot refused to budge. So it gets tiring to bring her out. I definitely want to get that toddler leash and harness thing. Don't care lah what people think. Her safety is above all things.

Still loves Barney, and is pretty good in imitating lots of dance moves. The cool thing is, she remembers the sequence of the steps, and would do it even before the move takes place. And due to my divided attention for Oli, she entertains herself with a lot more cartoon time now :( which she enjoys (only certain cartoons like Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and Aladdin. But not Snow White HAHA!). She learned how to play with her hair shyly from Mulan! And Bob the Builder does a good job in lulling her to sleep HAHAHA! My fav CD to play when I want her to nap.

Loves talking on the phone like a real aunty. Always requests me to dial for papa, popo, diu diu and goes to a corner to talk. -.-

Oh! She knows how to give shoulder massage AND asks for a massage.

She likes helping out. When she sees me sweeping, she’d go pick a broom; when she sees me hanging out clothes, she’d sit by and help hand me the hangers and pegs, and when I’m done, she’d push the laundry basket all the way back to the kitchen; when I bring in the clothes, she’d stand by the door to help me bring in the clothes (a piece at a time, of course); she’d pick up a random piece of cloth and start wiping the table; cool things like these.

She’s a darn good actress. She’s learned how to be shy by tilting her head just slightly lower to the side and twirl her fingers; how to be angry and acting all stubborn; how to be sad and how to burst out in tears by hanging her head low covering her face with hands, shaking her head dramatically when she’s got a scolding; and the list goes on quite a bit, and most of the time, she doesn’t mean any of them, she’s just acting out, trying her boundaries, because seconds later, she’d burst out laughing and give you the biggest hug.

That’s all I can remember now. Any more you’d fall asleep too, assuming you read this far. Haha. Oklah, check back later kthxbai!


Adino said...

She's grown up so quickly! Really amazing how many things she can do at such a young age, especially brushing her own teeth.

I suspect most of the things she does is by imitating you, so you're doing a great job as mummy!

leishia said...

hi adino!

yeah children do grow very super fast! we should really cherish every moment with them :)

i dunno how fast her progress is, but she does seem to be very good in immitating! which means jason and i also need to constantly remind ourselves to behave! haha! else she'd pick up all the bad things from us. tough man. oh and her teeth brushing is also learned from watching barney! :p