Friday, February 24, 2012

Wearing Child Safety Harness, Child Abuse?

A couple of weeks ago, we chucked Oli (as usual) at my mom’s and went shopping (!) and we brought Frappy (!!!) along! I don’t know how other parents do it, or rather how other kids stay calm and zen in the stroller all. the. time, because honestly, going out with Frappy is really very… energy sapping!

In the car, she decided to take the diva title from her mama,

and asked that I put MY sunnies on HER.

In the mall, she ran around and around and around and refused to get into the stroller. And so we had to chase her around and around and around until we got all out of breath. Very unglam, that much I can tell you.

Picture unrelated to the event. Just to drive a point. Haha.
Then after some good old power struggle, finally we got her into the stroller but we couldn’t “stroll”, oh no, sire! We had to push the stroller and go fast, like really fast, to keep her quiet (yes, we should just go to the jogging track instead right? Tsk. Such adrenaline junkie, this Frap.) 

AND THEN! Magic happened!

Someone fell asleep. In the stroller. Can you tell how excited we were???

We dashed to toys r us or mom’s care or mama care… or something to that effect, and bought a harness and leash set! 

An hour or two later, Frappy woke up and in her state of sleepiness, she allowed us to wear the harness teddy bear with a couple of clip ons on her and by the time she’s fully awake, she’s enjoying her new found freedom of walking hands-free!


And you’d think that’s the happy ending? Nuuu! With her walking hands-free now, she kept dashing towards the moving escalator! T___T But it was all good, at least we didn’t need to struggle with each other – one to break free, one to grab tighter. 

Interestingly, we drew some frowns and snickers from the older folks; I was initially pretty conscious about wearing a harness on my child because of what others would think. I’ve been reading up a bit about wearing child harness on parenting forums and stuff, it appears that the majority cannot accept parents “leashing” their child. Some cries child abuse -__-. 

But hey I figured if they can’t be there to ensure her safety or that she won’t get separated from her parents from all the blind running around, then just to *wherever* with their frowns and gawks la. The point is, my baby is safe within my reach when we are out. 

I don’t know, as conscious as I am about the whole thing (but that’s mostly driven by what others would think of us as parents!), I am quite OK with the idea. You? 


Eric Thor said...

I think it is fine. People in the world today are too free, nothing to do, and want to fight against anything from governments, to animal rights, religious rights, and kids rights.

Sometimes you just not have to bother about what people say or think (until the point the too free people fight for kids rights until it becomes a law not to harness your kid). Harness is a way to keep your kid safe. If people want to make negative connotations out of it, I say too bad then.

Stroller - flimsy, unstable, can roll of on its own. It threatens the life of your kids.
Food - if its not organic, you are poisoning your kids with toxics and heavy metals. Attempted murderer you.
Air - how can you let your kid walk around without a body suit? the air is polluted. are you trying to kill her and claim insurance?
Clothes - your kid is not wearing organic clothes. the dye on the clothes has so much chemicals that will seep into her skin and kill her one day. let her round around naked in the mall!!

you get the drift la. you can do what you think/know is best for your kid... you may make mistakes... but just don't follow today's crazy people that just want to fight everything.... I say, FIGHT THEM!

Lil said...

I've already decided I'm gonna get one of those in future! It makes sense! Nearly got one at a baby fair for our unborn child !! That's how determine I am for all the reasons u wrote:) hmm the teddy can be placed in front of ur girl to make it look like she's hugging it?

leishia said...

lilll!!! hey i'm really excited abt your pregnancy! hehe congrats again! >.<

anyway, if put in front the teddy will block her view haha. but oklah, i've gotten used to it ady, ppl want to stare, stare lah. hah!

eh we should meet up with shereen! i wanna see your baby bump! haha! ahh so excited!