Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sleepless Nights (And Days) In ZeeZeeLand

My picture folder is piling up with more and more photos, my to-blog list is getting longer and longer, yet I just can't find the time (and uh, inspiration... or rather willpower haha!) to sit down and write!

But before I get to those pics and stories (including one angry-fying story about Charles & Keith! Hmph!), here's a quick one for the Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah chapter.

You see, we lost Oli's pacifier on Sunday //downcast// when we were out lunching at Subang Parade's Manhattan Fish Market; we paid, we walked out, we realized, we turned back, and these guys there say there's no such thing on the table. !!! I mean, how can it be?! To be honest, I was really mad, mainly with myself - for one how can I be so careless! For another I was really afraid the monster baby Oli would turn into comes Zzz time, but mainly for yet another, the pacifier was attached to a silver pacifier clip, couriered all the way from erm, somewhere, and a gift from my bro! //wail!!!!/// I was determined to keep it for good! //stabs self//

So anyway, we thought, fine, let's just take this opportunity to wean her off the paci. And the first day without it was surprisingly... normal! Oli didn't look for it! She slept through! So obviously I was very, very pleased! And very, very proud!

BUT dear everyone, let me tell you this, there is of course no such thing as normal, as smooth sailing in everything, and I do mean EHVERRAYTHANG! T____T The next day, Oli was looking for her paci high and low wailing for her paci because she couldn't sleep without it! OH MY EARS! And the same happened came night time. She didn't want to hold my pinky as how she'd always want to, she didn't want to be held, she didn't want to be sung to, she just kept pushing us away demanding for her pacifier! And then because it was 3 in the morning, because Jason needs to go to work in the morning and was tired and couldn't sleep, because she woke Frappy up too (technically the entire taman lah) and she too demanded that I pat her butt, and because I got fed up calming her down AND trying to make Frappy sleep, going back and forth between the cot and the bed, tempers flared, tear ducts broke, and so, Oli got a good scolding from the father. And in the dark, she just sat there and sobbed. And sobbed. And sobbed to her sleep. How heartbreaking is that!!!!! :(((((

This is the face from awhile ago...

All tired out, wiggling in discomfort, losing her voice, crying to her sleep, hoping to see her paci again. I read somewhere that for a child/baby to break a habit, it takes only 3 days. Just be patient for 3 days. 3 freaking days leishia (and jason!!!)! How difficult is 3 days right? No of course not! It's only 3 freaking days! 3 long days that can drive me to insanity.T_____T

Baby mommy's so sorry! :(

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