Monday, March 13, 2006

Defining Perfection

I think the whole wedding thing has taken a toll on both of us. Besides feeling the pressure over deciding the location, the question of whether it’s worthy to spend so much on the locations has led to a silent quarrel between us.

After a moment of tug-of-war within myself (practicality VS my down-to-earth dream), practicality won. He’s right, no point spending in organizing a wedding when we have a rented house to furnish, a new home that is yet to buy, a honeymoon to make, and technically, a whole life to work on!

I guess by me giving up the idea of having the event done in anywhere ideal but a less-than-ideal church, I’d have a bigger budget to work on the deco, yes dear? :) So I’d go without the ceiling windows and sun rays and all, and it’ll be a little warmer and a little crampier, but we can always be creative, no?

Imagine strings of mini Christmas lights, yards of fluffy chiffon, acres of apple green ribbons, and cottony chair covers with pretty gold bows, baskets and baskets of confetti, and rose petals, lighted pedestals, and most importantly, presence of family and friends who care, and who can forget our Big Guy up there? :)

It’s going to be just, perfect.


David Bong said...

[My wife asked me whether I want to marry again if she die first. I told her "NO". She didn't believe me and ask me why.

I told her, "I don't want to go through the hassle of getting married again."]

So, my dear friend, as much as you want your wedding ceremony to be the best and perfect one, you'll enjoy it better if you can appreciate the beauty of simple and ordinary things/ceremony.

Leishia J said...

well i dont expect it to be the bestest and the perfectest one, nor will it be a big-bang grand ball.

just a simple yet extraordinary (in me and my partner's own way), event which will drive us forward amidst the future storms.

that's all and how i am imagining it to be...