Friday, March 10, 2006

Preciousss (a la Gollum)

We’d need to think about the wedding rings too! Yikes!

Note to self, no. Note to Jason: of 'em :)


michie said...

Hey babe!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I love the internet, its the only sure way to follow you thru the BID DAY!! Have heaps of fun with the planning babe.. hehehhee how fun man!!!

Christina Ng said...

Finally...finally...finally.... the BIG BIG day is coming the corner. really happy for you 2 of stepping into the next journey of life.
Where those lovely photos dear?
What the theme for your wedding? Make something special & memorable.

Leishia J said...

michie> hey thanks so much for dropping by girl. u might want to start taking notes! hehe :p

chris> its been a long while!!! thank u so much! the photos are still in processing lah. will show u once ready. the theme, well, come and join us on our bid day then u'll know lah!