Friday, March 17, 2006

Grooms Gotta Be Groomed

Three to six months before

Gym'll fix
ItIt's time to hit the gym if you want to look dapper in your suit. Working out at least three months before your wedding will help you look and feel great.

Cut that out!
Lose extra pounds by cutting back on fatty foods such as fry-ups, red meat and cheese. Doing this, as well as cutting back on your alcohol intake, will help inches disappear from your waist.

Facial Awareness
Believe it or not many men have facials these days - and your impending nuptials is a good excuse to give it a whirl. A facial once a month from now until your wedding will help make dull skin glow and become firmer and smoother. Plus it's relaxing.

One month before

Feet fit
When the time comes to break out the flip-flops, make sure your feet look fantastic by having a couple of foot treatments a month or so before the wedding. After a conditioning foot-bath, nail trimming, removal of hard skin, callouses and corns your feet will look - and feel - like new.

Scrub up nicely
It may sound a bit girly, but exfoliating is the quickest way to get smooth skin and by doing it once a week, you'll get rid of all that dead skin and reveal fresh skin underneath.

Soap swap
Exchange your usual soap for a cleanser or soap-free bar. Soap is alkaline and will destroy the acid balance which protects against chemicals and funghi and can lead to dry, red, irritated skin. You should also be moisturising morning and night to re-hydrate the skin and help to retain moisture

On the day

Don't sweat it
Perspiration can be a big problem for nervous grooms, especially during summer weddings. Use a fragrance free anti perspirant to keep you sweat-free all day.

A close shave
Poor shaving techniques can lead to spots, redness and cuts. If you're nervous about shaving on the big day, why not book yourself a traditional wet shave with a barber?

Man hands
There's a good reason why a manicure isn't called a wo-manicure, given the number of men reluctant to look after their nails, yet manicures are becoming increasingly popular with guys. So why not indulge yourself on the morning of your wedding in preparation for the moment you show off that ring. Just make sure your best man isn't around when you're having it done. We can just hear the speech now...

Article ripped from You & Your Wedding


mangolisa said...

yes exfoliation is very important - use the gommage, scrub and mask everyweek and even indulge is a professional one a week before BUT the last time you shoudl be doing it is 3 days before the big day. Exfoliation always makes the skin works extra hard to replenish the oil/moisture that has been stripped off so you might get superoily skin if you do it on the morning of the day or the day before - to be safe do it 3 days before.
Drink LOTS of water, eat fruits and sleep. *hugs*

Leishia J said...

noted! :) dank je lisa. i've always have this sleeping problem, esp when my body is heaty, if u get what i'm saying. grr! but thats very much for the pointer, its a big reminder!