Thursday, March 16, 2006

Having Millions

We caught a movie last night, a Hollywood-shows-are-out-so-lets-do-a-mini-mani-mini-mo sort of movie, aptly titled Millions. And there’s always surprises in store for me whenever I opt for the international screens (that is, anything but Hollywood).

I was transported back to my school days when I’d bust all my pocket money just to go for foreign movies (RM 12 per tix, and that is RM 2 more compare to the normal screens!) on a quiet afternoon, hardly any crowds. And it’s always interesting to see things from a non-mainstream movie’s eyes. I enjoy how words of different languages slip ever so casually from the actors’ mouth with all kinds of accents, it has got some kind of magic that behold your attention for eternity…

And I relived those quiet afternoons last night.

I was a bit apprehensive though if Jason would enjoy the show, being a guy that he is, any testosterone-driven elements in a movie is always better welcomed than watching an 8 year old talking about seeing Saints and helping the poor with a quarter of million pounds.

But all is well. At the end of it, the show reminded us that little bit more about the value of money, and how we should spend for our wedding; with that we narrowed our options, and I believe we both are much more at peace to decide in a day or two’s time.

And the cutest thing? My big guy actually trickled a few drops of tears watching the ending of the show, and that’s a yay for me!

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