Friday, March 03, 2006

Venue & Date

Setting dates and venues is always an uphill task. You’ve got people’s calendar to please, your own preferences to please, and on top of that, your partner’s. Whenever Jason and I came to this topic, one of us would ended up sulking (OK, I would end up sulking.).

So last evening, we sat down, and listed down all the options we have on a piece of paper: locations to hold the ceremonies; the flow of the ceremonies; what ceremony to have it where, my state or his state. And at the end of each section, we’d signed and shook hand as a sign of agreement. Hehe. Nice doing business with you dear.

Praise God, we were able to come to a mutual agreement, and were reassured with our own decisions. The date is now set on September 17th, 2006.

It tends to be a bias situation when it comes to “your place or my place?” but somehow the gentlemen normally is the party who’d give in. (thanks dear :> it really means a lot to me!). We are going to have the tea and wedding ceremony over here at my side, follow by a reception; while over at Jason’s side, we’d have a dinner for his friends, ex-colleagues, and church members, relatives who’s Malacca based and can’t make the trip to KL. Earlier we were thinking of only one place to cater to every thing and everyone, but we’d lose out in the numbers, which at the end, doesn’t serve the purpose of having a wedding, which is celebrating your union with the world!

Now the next course of action: call up our prospective clubhouses and hotels for a site visit.


miche said...

in malacca, when? do it buffet style by the pool can? more fun lar compared to sit in dinner/luncheon.

Leishia J said...

i oso want it by the pool or something... like a pool party, but then so hot, malacca some more! everyone will be melting. already got requests not to have it outdoor. but most probably buffet dinner/lunch. i love luncheons!