Saturday, April 29, 2006

Celebrate With Choco Bath

My colleague and I planned for a noon-out shopping for florist and tailors for my wedding day today. We went to this huge warehouse florist in Bangsar by the name Floristika, where they sell fresh flowers in a refrigerated room. And I’ve decided on the type of flowers for my maids. Yay! They’d be beautiful! :)

Next on, we were supposed to go down to town to shop for something Indian (shh, it’s a surprise!), but stop over at an organic eatery. I was rather hesitant about organic food; carrots, bean sprouts, soy and wheat germ were all I can taste on my imaginary taste buds. Bleurgh. So I was of course, quite pleased to see that they actually serve chicken! Not that I can’t live without meat, I just can’t live with green bean sprouts, that’s all. I ordered a country free range chicken goulash. To my surprise it was really good with its toasted organic wheat bread! So yeah, worth a try, this organic eating lifestyle, but pricey to maintain though.

It was disappointing though that the minute we hit KL roads, it started to rain and the jam began. So we detoured to KLCC for me to take LRT home. What bummer. But the historic moment was this: I went over to Equatorial Hotel at Bangi-Putrajaya instead with my brother, met up with Jason, and we made down payment. The place is officially ours on the wedding day! So to celebrate such significant moment, we treated ourselves to their buffet dinner. Hehe.

It was fantastic as we sat there, and watch the chocolate fountain cascaded in a pot. Yes! They serve chocolate fondue!!! Oh boy! I could stuck and bath my tongue under those flowing chocolate and be there forever! I was seated right in front of the fondue, and that’s all I remember seeing the whole evening :D Ooo, I love their desserts, the bitter chocolate mousse was incredible! Darn, I should’ve started my meal with the dessert first!

Gym. Gym. Gym! I’ve been eating as if I’ll be wearing jeans and t-shirt to my wedding, got to work on the gym darn it! =_=``

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