Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dresses & Samfoos

What do you think about this dress for the maids? Lovely isn't it? Well I know I'd like to wear it myself! Speaking of which, anyone here has a cheongsam to loan? (Or better still, sponsor me!) I'm looking for one to wear during the tea ceremony. I'm going to chinesified the whole ceremony; yup, meaning Jason would have to wear those tong sam too. Hehehe.


.:dewgem:. said...

Hey girl.

Nice dress for the maids. I watched one CSI episode and Gil Grissom was telling his team that in ancient times, the bridesmaid's role is to distract 'potential enemies' from stealing the bride from the bridegroom. They are suppose to impersonate the bride to confuse the enemy. Interesting right? Haha.

My mom got one cheongsam which she also wore for her tea ceremony. But not sure can fit you or not coz last time her waist super small.

it's pretty old lah, but if you don't mind i can help you ask but can't guarantee whether i'll be able to get it for you..if you don't mind wearing old-fashion cheongsam. hHAhah. =)

Leishia J said...

hey i thought that's the bestmen's job?... wah, so many layers of protection to cover the bride from kena kidnapped. come to think of it, we're all like the Bride, always needing God's protection from being "kidnapped" from the ways of the world. How wonderful is our Lord God!

btw, yes yes yes! i would like to find out about ur mum's cheongsam. cool if it fits! anyway, cheongsam are meant to be old fashion my dear! hehe. thanks for the offer gem, fit or no fit :) hugs!

Fat Fingers said...

I like the dress! I think it looks great!
When is your wedding going to be?
Oh and I want to wear the 'kua' on my wedding day. hee hee :D

Fat Fingers said...

oops just saw it. 17 of sept! :D

Leishia J said...

hey ff! nice right? the dress looks great hor? :D

but hey "kua" is sooo freaking thick and heavy lah. i'd sweat a river, what with m'sia's weather. gah!

hey are u going to settle in UK for good with mr. ff? wow, sounds cool! anyway, all the very best in everything! muaks! :)