Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gems Don't Come Shining In Your Face

It’s amazing how some people come in to your life, make the heck of noise and irritation out of you, and then become one of those most intimate and closest friends and touch your heart all the time, through little, little gestures.

Such is the case of my colleagues. She’s one noisy brat (uhm, mature… brat. Hehehe), and cusses like there’s no tomorrow; and then there’s another colleague, she’s petite but loud, clumsy but detailed, and then yet another, the fairest of them all, we’ve had some… silent friction during the first part of our becoming colleagues, but thank God, things worked out for the better, and now all four of us has become one pack, hehe, we literally stick up for each other, although... all 4 of us are very much in 4 different worlds, but I guess, we are there, just for each other.

The participation level of these girls in my wedding preparation is well, commendable! Haha! These girls are more excited than the bride! They’d collect articles on bridal matters for me, collect advertisement cut-outs and photos of brides with beautiful gowns and styling, go with me to source for florists and fabrics for my gowns, buy me magazines, and guess what, last evening was the most indescribable moment; they’ve done the most unthinkable.

I was presented with a silver gift box with a nice tulle bow over it, exactly like a Christmas gift, only it’s May. It was exciting as I unfolded the gift; I haven’t been receiving gifts for such long time! And there it laid a piece of chiffon like fabric in there, with silk trimmings and comb at the crown. It’s a veil to go with my wedding gown! I was beyond words, utterly speechless. Oh the best part was? They made our DGM to chip in too, and I gave word to with-hold his petty cash reimbursements if he doesn’t pay up. LOL ah well, it’s an inside joke but it was all very… warm and touching. I was really touched. Not because of the gifts and the money spent; but the effort and thoughtfulness. They needn’t do all these things for a colleague, but they’ve gone beyond the boundaries to make the life of a girl that much easier… I thank God for them. And now I know why He insisted me to stay here for this long, just so that I’ll find my gem in the seemingly dark and empty mine; and in this case, I found 3.

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.:dewgem:. said...

One of the greatest blessings is to have true friends.