Monday, May 15, 2006

Shoes, Dresses, Blizzards, & Hot Dog

We happened to chance upon a bridal fair at the mall yesterday. It was impressive, not the gowns though, rather the stage designs with the balloons and lighting, and the music selection: very chic, very Parisian. Awesome! And these, made the gowns look good. Hehe.

Remember the greenish bridesmaid’s dress I posted awhile back? Well, I found a dress almost the same as that one at Warehouse; even the color is very, very similar! I would’ve taken a picture of it if I wasn’t too lazy to get a piece in my size. Heh. I was so excited about it, until I saw the price though. At a whopping $429, I’d say forget about it. Blah.

I saw another A-line dress perfect for a bridesmaid too; it’s pale satin pink in color with a little bustier and netting lining the hem of the skirt, it’s beautiful. I tried that on and I wished someone would make me a bridesmaid, pronto! And as usual, all things exciting comes with a blah factor; and this happened to be all other sizes had been wiped out and I don’t think my maids can fit in to a size 8 given their petite frames, oh and it’s priced at $489 :)

Oh well, no matter. I spotted and tried on 2 different pairs of heels in satin cream with diamante and pretty bows and that made it up. Plus, I had a cup of banana split ice cream blizzard and a hot dog, now that, really made the day!

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