Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I Heart Lip Tints

During emergencies, red-tinted lip balms make a great blusher (and the clear ones make a great emergency-moisturizer!). Just smear a small amount onto cheeks for that blushing-bride look and you’re good to go! I’m using Stila’s Lip Pot in Cerise. It makes your lips moist and supple minus the gooey feeling, and your cheeks a healthy cherry pink. Love it!


.:dewgem:. said...


thanks for the comments in my blog! =) I shall continue biatching until i found the way out. =)

Anywayz, promoting stila? heard Stila is pretty good..pretty pricey too I guess.

Doggie is cute! But sadly I can't bring him home. :(

Leishia J said...

hey dewgem!

i'm not promoting for stila lah! hehe. its just what i have and what i'm using, so must give credit where its due mah.

anyway, yeah, i'm glad you'll biatch on! heres to all who... uhm, biatches! lol