Saturday, July 22, 2006

Free, Fun, Talent Noon!

We had a photo shoot yesterday afternoon at the studio for yet another ad for our company. We had so much fun! Like, shhhooo much! :)

It was one of those moments where our marketing colleague came in from a meeting and went like, “hey leishia, steph, we’re going for a photo shoot later, and we’ll have lunch there” to which we both went like, “oh ok, let’s go”. And automatically we started packing our stuff and got moving. Uhm hmm, we were THAT professional hehe. Oh, and this “Leishia, bring along your Domino’s coupons, we’re buying you guys pizza.” Yeah, sure, free talent, and lunch off my coupons. LOL

One colleague were to be the father, another one a mother, and steph and I to be the children. We kept making fun of everything but the father was a weenie bit uptight, so we kept mocking him. Steph was particularly mischievous and funny. We laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed till the cows came home!

Oh boy, I did really have that much fun and laughs. When the ads are out and if I do look ok in there (read: child role in the form of an auntie/maid), I’ll post the pics. Hehe.

Oh you know what?! I’ve become one of those brides where they get nightmares about her wedding! I dreamt that suddenly it’s September 17th, and it seemed everyone (as in my mom and I) just realized its 17th! And horror of all horrors, I didn’t have a make up and hair artist! So I kept calling Judy, our bridal shop assistant, to ask for help, but she said she’s not free. So I put down the phone, just when I did so, I also realized, dramatically no less, that the veil given by my colleague wasn’t sent for dry cleaning yet! I panicked and I fell off the bed.

No lah, I didn’t fall off the bed, but I did panic and woke up. There you have it, the first manifestation of wedding stress. Haiks.

But I guess it’s quite normal, because almost all of the brides I met seem to be having one level of stress or another. Even Jason gets this sort of dreams! So bring it on! September 17th! Hah!

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