Monday, July 24, 2006

Bare Necessity

We were at The Curve on Saturday night, and the minute we came up from the basement parking lot, we both set our eyes on a few pieces of evening gowns in flirty fabrics. They are perfect for our bridesmaids! I picked 1 halter in pastel butter and aqua green, one baby doll in aqua green. The halter one resembles the pic on the right to which you can dress it up or down, extremely versatile! I’m going to steal it from my sis after the wedding for my honeymoon! Hehe As usual, Jason took up the role as negotiator and we got 2 pieces in a very, very reasonable price *I’m proud of you dear*

So, bridesmaids’ dresses, check! Getting these dresses made me feel as though I've accomplished a heck lot! Hohohoho!

And then over at Ikea, 2 queen size bed frames for $245 each, one wrought iron bed frame for $499. I kinda like the iron one; it conjures up a very romantic setting for a room. Alas, it’s not Jason’s taste. But I like! I like! I like! Besides, I do actually think the prices are pretty reasonable, no?

Currently our apartment is bare, like seriously B.A.R.E! Hehe. We thought since we’re going to be staying here only temporarily, like for a year, we’ll keep the furniture to its simplest form. Thus, furnishing the master bed room is the only project we have in hand.

I’ll be off to JB and Singapore this coming end of week! Uhha! I do really need a little time off, too much of reality, i.e. current office job, really drain you off. I’ve been reading so much about the variety of good food in Singapore and the SALE! Oorgh, I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t wait!


Chong said...

LH, advise for the bed frame and bed: Macy's have a good selection as well. And their after sales service is top marks. We bought both our bed frame and king size bed from Macy's (Ikea Power Centre).

And, it's wise to spend a bit more on the mattress as it will serve you'all for many years to come. A good bed is also important to support your spines (Jason's and yours, of course).

As for the furniture, good choice to keep the deco to a minimal as I would have done the same (if I were to stay for a year?).

Anyway, it's a lot of planning and money involved here, so do plan early and get it right from the start. May sound very simple advice, but hey, you gotta get those fundamentals right first eh,

Cheers, Chong

.:dewgem:. said...



Leishia J said...

hey chong, thanks for the advise! will check out Macy's. but heck yeah, talk about involving loads of planning and money! boy!

dewgem, sarcasm detected!!! wait till ur turn then u know! hehe!

chong said...

pardon me for noticing, i can actually see the models' t**ts through her translucent brown dress. sure you like this???

Leishia J said...

i dont think thats her tits but her bra lah! anyho, my BM's dress only resembles this one, in terms of functionality, if i may use the word; the colors, the fabrics, and the cutting are different all together.

pardon me for noticing too, u actually scrutinize my posts to their bits, how long have u been staring at the pic lah?


chong said...

it just happened i noticed it.. have you watched sin city? carla gugino is SO fine... ha ha ha cheers

Eunice said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, it's simply fantaabulous to hear about your upcoming wedding!! ooh la la, i'm brimming with excitement now! I wish you guys were having a church - public sort of wedding first so I could shaare a teeny bit of your swirly lovely occasion! i'm mushy, I really am. haha, that dress is sweet la! Oh yess, it reminds me to buy this umm..piece of cloth? heh! You can do around 20+ things with it! Stuff like that dress too, very chun. I'd forgotten completely about it.

I didn't know you were in SUCH close vicinity, I live 7-ish minutes drive away from Jaya! And have been visiting there to buy cold cuts and Amos things. Hey I did see you guys once!

Much love & besterestest wishes to you both!

Leishia J said...

whoah! eunice in da house!!!! LOL so cool to have u around, u've been on a very long leave from the blogosphere, girl!

and hey i do know u live like, 7-ish minutes drive away from Jaya! cos i've been to ur house, doh! and yes, our eyes met once: me in KFC, and u outside of KFC with ur cold cuts in hand, and twinkly eyes popped so big! besterestest wishes to u too and do make more noises around here!

hugs and muaks!