Monday, July 10, 2006

Missing Link

I did it again.

I think I forgot my password to my email. But then how can you forget something when you know you remembered it? It doesn't make sense!

It’s just so scary. You wake up one day, happily trolling along, and the next thing you know, one part of your memory, liken to a piece of puzzle, apparently is lost! Just like that! Irretrievable. All you get from yahoo is, “your ID and password is invalid”. No matter how you beg them, they just refused to let you through.

What if another day, I wake up to another piece of lost puzzle? Or the whole set of it?! Is that all to me?

Urgh, I’m so trembling with anger and confusion now!

But if I make myself distracted with, oh I don’t know, say, food, shopping, and dogs, I do see a lighter note to my weekend.

My weekend was spent in Melaka. My husband-to-be’s hometown. Gee, that sure gives a weird ring to it… Anyway, he brought me back to his old church, and met up people from his past. It was all good and funny. After the service, we went for Cendol with Cath, her husband; Rach, their daughter, and Mr. Poo, the funny bone of the group.

The small cendol stall was manned by this petite aunty alone, and it seems the stall’s always full house. The minute we hit the place, Cath’s husband and Mr. Poo started to help the aunty in making the cendols for us, and for the rest of the customers! It was ticklish to see them getting all serious in mixing just the right bowl of cendol for the thirsty visitors. Mid way, the petite aunty asked us to look after the stall, because Cath’s husband was going to fetch her to get more cendol. Like, huh? I tell you, it was funny!

So with that, production line was stopped temporarily, with Mr. Poo washing the bowls and Jason cleaning the tables and arranging the chairs, while Cath repeats to customers who streamed in to wait while aunty resumes her business later, and to take a seat first.

It poured in the morning just before, but there at that moment, the stall was beaming in warmth, seeing how much of trust the aunty bestowed upon her customers to help themselves with her food stocks, leaving the cash box behind when she stepped out; and the customers were so patient in waiting for their creamy, cold bowl of cendol; no complains, no frowns. They even helped aunty to make the cendols for other customers! I was loving my moment there yesterday afternoon.

To make my day even warmer, the gang volunteered assistance for our wedding planning without hesitation, something we really appreciate. For the past 1 to 2 years through out our planning, we were all by ourselves in everything. We are truly blessed whenever friends came by and offer help and actually mean it.

So now, we have a few things off our mind, thank God! Cath is helping us to contact printers for our invitations, and also sourcing for buses to charter our Malaccan guests to the hotel on the wedding day. Jason and I’ve also been desiring to make a simple cross to be placed behind the pulpit in the hotel’s glassed foyer for the longest time, and you guessed it, the 2 guys were actually saying it’s feasible to make one! Ecstatic is an understatement!

So there you have my blessed weekend! And yeah, back to cracking my brain to dig out the password. I know it’s there, somewhere!

P/S: a while ago I blogged about this little dog who’s up for adoption, well, thank God, we found him a home. My dad’s staff is actually interested in adopting him. I was so happy! We brought the dog back yesterday from Malacca. He’s just simply a sweetheart! I really hope he’ll have a wonderful owner to call master!

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