Friday, July 14, 2006

Brewing Point

Thanks to Cath, we’ve gotten some quotations from the printers and busses for out of town guests. I’m seeing some light here.

We’ve also contacted a few travel agencies for travel packages. Oh did I mention? Air Asia’s goHoliday packages that we were so excited about couple of weeks ago? Yeah, we couldn’t, for the life of us, make any bookings through their website; so we emailed them stating our problem with our booking, but an automated email was all we got insisting it’s our credit card’s fault with no follow up whatsoever. So much for “now, everyone can fly”!

And the lengha lady called up and told us my lengha shall be ready by end of this week. Oh boy, the end of the tunnel is getting reeeally near!

Well I’m leaving you with some eye candies to feast on (I'm diggin the first, second, and fourth gown!!!)...


.:dewgem:. said...

hey! love the gowns!

so so, when meeting up?
where you working anywayz? just curious. probably you told me edi? er... =)

Leishia J said...


well i'm working at section 14, opposite jaya supermarket. and i live in kelana jaya.

anyway, do give me ur email, cos i dont think ur lycos mail is working? and i cant log into all my mailboxes either, must be sabotage! garh!

so yeah, drop me ur mail addy, i'd email u from work then. danke!