Monday, August 07, 2006

Buckling Up

The pressure is brewing at this point of wedding preparations. I’ve been getting more nightmares and it’s totally draining. So many what ifs of all sorts of situations, it’s really driving us mad! What more when you have an extreme perfectionist in the team (oops, not me! :x hehe)

The invitation template has been sent to the printer and we couldn’t get him on the phone the whole of the weekend! Argh! But he did promise to have the artwork done up by this Thursday and will have it couriered to us. So I’m foreseeing to send out the invitations by mid August, and email the soft copy to overseas friends. That will leave the guests with exactly 1 month to decide their attendance, and they can all RSVP by phone or email.

*yeah, I know, the invites should be out way long ago, but play along with me, will ya? You see, if I sent them out earlier you guys would actually misplace the darn card, right?! Right?! I know I’m right*

We’ll be working out the name lists concurrently, so at the end of it (I’d say this week), we’ll have a concrete number to advise the printer and the hotel, and we can decide how many buses to book for Melaka guests, and whether or not we need to arrange transports for guests from our Subang church.

At the same time, I’ll need to fine tune writing our vows, and come out with more thank you/ name cards for favors. Call up suppliers for favors. Call Kelly, my last-minute-much-needed coordinator. I’m touched, Kelly, thanks for your willingness to help!

And our friend is helping us in getting our marriage registration form endorsed by the commissioner of oath, which we can have it back by this evening and have it sent to church for processing.

Oh, I’ll need to start designing the layout of our programs too! And finish up the photo presentation for reception, start making petal toss cones, and… eek! Book honeymoon.

Whoo hoo! Don't cha love roller coaster rides?! Ha! It can't get any crazier than this.

* * *
* * *

OK, our to-be-endorsed marriage registration form is a no go, because Jason and I didn’t sign the form! Dang! And apparently, the officer wasn’t too pleased with the hiccup.

Ah well. Mistakes happen. It’s fine. We’ll take it back from our friend tonight and we’ll find our own commissioner of oath. I think they are a dime a dozen… I mean, we can just walk in wherever there’s one, right? It’s just a chop sign for goodness’s sake!

Note to ourselves, in times like this, BREATH. It’s not that bad, really. We’ll pull this through, dear. Let’s do it ourselves, and with a smile for that matter. A Big one!

Oh, here’s something to smile about. I just called the favor supplier, I think we are getting quite a good price, and we’ll go and view the samples this weekend. I just hope the supplier has the shape that I want!

*If I’m not being obvious enough for you to notice, yes, I’m not letting you know what favor is that! Bleeuuhhhh* :)


.:dewgem:. said...

yo girl!

praying for both you and jason for God's strenght upon both of you and the wisdom for decision making!


Leishia J said...

oh thank you so very much dewgem! i'm really touched, thank you, really. :)