Friday, August 04, 2006

I Heart NY

When I say I like New York, this is what I meant:

Weddingbee featured this sweet dress, Rita, which I totally, totally adore! If the train is altered out, I believe it makes a beautiful evening gown for all functions.


Lynna said...

hello Leh Hsia,

So happy and excited for you for you *BIG DAY*! Certainly it is not an easy task with all the preparations that you and your hubby to be are going thru.. nevertheless, it must be enjoyable..

Occasionally, i do visit this interesting blog of yours but just didnt pen down any words :P. But girl.. i am really HAPPY for you ! Keep the excitement, joy and passion going as your BIG DAY is just one month away !

If you need any help from us.. let us know ! or else.. we shall know how to reserve our big help for your hubby on the wedding day.... (ahem.. watch out,jason..but relax..:P)

Leishia J said...

hey lynna! so good to hear from you! i dont know how u girls can help but i sure need help!!!!

so how have u been holding up? all's great i hope! keep in touch with me, i'm just lousy at that. hehe