Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Picking Up From Where We Left

Praise the Lord! Finally we’ve booked our honeymoon package, with Air Asia, and a hundred dollars cheaper compare with the earlier quoted price! How exciting is that huh huh huh? :)

We’ll be going to Phuket for a week right after the wedding day. Sun, sand, sea, and me!!!! Whoo hoo!!!! :D

I’ve also received the 1st draft from our printer, there were a few things to look into though, really hope we can have all things finalized before Friday, so that the invites can go straight for printing!

Our marriage registration form has been affirmed by the commissioner for oaths, and then we found another mistake: that the address column should match the one stated on the IC. Great. But no matter, a call to the church, the ever so helpful pastor advised that we should make a trip down to JPN to amend our IC, because besides the address problem, there’s a bit of a mistake in our religion status too. So, I guess the trip is imminent to avoid any more problems that we are foreseeing to happen during the registration.

Although with Jason’s “commando management” approach, a lot more things are being done up positively, but at the same time, he’s getting a little too stressed out due to work overload, wedding preparations, lots of late nights because of our distance, and nursing a flu :( Do remember him in your prayer please…

Well last night was, I would say a breakthrough; both of us chatted with my dad till 1-ish in the AM. Gah! I’m actually spacing out every other minute now. Anyway, we were able to communicate positively with him though at one point the conversation was quite heated, but after the air was cleared, it went rather smooth there on, even enjoyable, I’d say! Learning to communicate with my parents is going to be a life long process because our family are not the mushy-wooshy sort from the beginning of time. So I guess this first major event (i.e. the wedding & a non-chinese newbie in the family) happening in the family is going to give all of us loads to learn and experience! Praise God!

Alright, seriously, my mind are not focusing here, I’m gonna need to go to the washroom for a nap. I mean, wash my face. Later!


CKS said...

LH, you should try to send out the wedding invites ASAP to book the invitees ahead of time. Cheers, CKS

Leishia J said...

uh i know... its just... miscalculations and circumstances. but anyway, i hope the save-the-dates which we sent out helps.

i think i'll follow up with them by email and phone calls first this weekend b4 the cards are out next week.

wish us the best lah!