Saturday, August 12, 2006

When The Opposite Plans

I was soaking up this funny topic off a bridal related forum on the topic of “What if your future husband planned the whole wedding?” I gave it a serious thought, and this is what I came up with.

If my future husband planned the whole wedding, it would be held in his home church located on the first floor of a row of shop lot (uhm hmm). It would be done in a very traditional way. Bridal march on piano, flower girls, ball gown and tuxedo; all the male attendants will be in black jacket and be equipped with Playboy black sun shades, they will have to look mafia because only then the word “cool” is defined.

Now the bride must have the veil covering her face to signify the pureness of a virgin; her ball gown is obligated to have a long train, and her hair mustn’t be side swept with flat bangs. He says it's too "chinese" (uh ok)

The music selection should include the likes of Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, Air Supply, Diana Ross, Phil Colin, Michael Learns To Rock, etc. Not that they are terrible, no, I love them all, but they are just a little too sappy for my taste.

The reception venue would either be in the large backyard of his friend’s house or church’s fellowship hall, and it’ll be pot luck. The food selection will be Asian, with unlimited supply of rice, of course :)

The invitation cards and program sheets will be bought off the book shops’ racks. (Do I hear an eek from you girls now? haha :) They should also bear gold or silver lettering with bells and doves embellishing the card (a double eek perhaps? hehe)

Oh boy, it’s funny we both are so opposite of each other (opposite attracts?!). He’s totally a traditional dude while I, I’m such a casual, laid back dudette. He obsesses about making lists which, I have to agree, is really useful to help you in remembering things and getting them done; while I go by memory (and blonde moments happen all the time!). He’s the brain while I’m the heart!

As much as guys have the same way of thinking as far as how a wedding should be is concerned, I’m so glad he’s not the type who wants to football-ize the whole thing!!! Gah! I’ve read about guys idea of getting married is to “elope”, during “half time of a Man U and Arsenal game”, in “Hooter’s bar with greasy chicken wings and beers”, or worse, to “have Carmen Electra as the officiant” (?!)

Anyway! What about you? How will it be if your future husband planned the whole wedding? Or if you are the guy, how would your wedding be if you were to plan it?


CKS said...

hallo macha! you've seriously gotta change the music selection la... :-))

miche said...

david planned our wedding...the float thing and it was grand...

if myself, i would love a traditional wedding in a church...a real old church building like wesley church or christ church.