Saturday, August 19, 2006

Point Of No Return

Our invitations are ready, and I’m very nervous how they turned out. Jason has gone back to Melaka to pick them up from the printer, and it took him some time to “like” it, but then again, we have different tastes.

The thing is, one of Jason’s friend helped printed the cards at an unimaginable low price and we are grateful for that (he even printed 50 pieces extra for us!); on the other hand, due to the cost and distance, the printer said mocking up a sample was not feasible and hence, the template was sent to print without us exactly knowing how it’ll turn out physically. I guess one really can’t have it all!

In any case, 50 cards had been given out to Jason’s family (before the bride gets to stamp approval, haiks). Fingers crossed I won’t faint when I see him (he had a hair cut AND color) AND the cards this evening! (and you asked me why I gain the title “*Sapede Queen” instead of weight? )

My brain is in full force now on how to dress up the plain (white) envelope that came together with the cards. Not easy being a bride, I tell you! Nah uhn! :p

On a very different note, guess what? I’m invited to a hens’ night.


I’m really excited about it! (Do I look the part?!) More like a nervous excited! My “lovely” colleagues, who are more excited thab me, are organizing one for me, and all I know is that this is happening on the 9th of September. I’m practicing my “Go Invisible” trick now. As soon as I know the (hidden) agenda, I’ll put the trick to good use!

Now who says watching David Copperfield is lame?

*Sapede – tamil for eating


Terence said...

Wow a hen's nite eh? How delightful. Can give me a preview ah? since I'm gonna be the honoured photographer.. he he. When you say hen's nite, the only deja-vu I have is menage a trois, in the "Dreamers"...

Leishia J said...

u and ur big brain ah!

go back to work lah... there'll be no troisome whatsoevah lah!

Terence said...

chehhhhhrrr....potong steam lar... :-))