Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sure Onot?

That’s it! We are exactly 1 month before the big day comes! Loads of butterflies in tummy. Argh. OK, this is really embarrassing, but I had to share this because it’s the cutest thing!

So a few nights back, my system shut down and I had a nervous breakdown, enough said. So along came Polly, studied me for awhile by tilting her little goofy, furry head, and up she jumped to the bed, and started licking me as if she understood and that she’s consoling me. Man, ain’t she the sweetest, cutest, sweetest thing?! How I wish she can come with me after the wedding. She can’t even come to my wedding because the hotel doesn’t allow animals in their premise!

Anyway, we sent in our registration form last night to the church. 3 days before our wedding we’ll have our fate sealed with a felt tip pen and voilà! Un homme, une femme, une vie! Let the game begins!

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