Friday, December 15, 2006

The Beauty In Me: We're All Born With It

An invitation to Maybelline’s The Beauty In Me finale came to our office last week, and I was asked to go along. The dreading part? It’s down in KL, at the Espanda Club and I’m expected to drive there myself! (And the parking cost me $6.30! Gah!) Blah. But thank God! I braced the traffic and the whole idea of driving down to KL, and back! All. By. Myself.

I got first hand view by having a seat right beside the catwalk aisle and it was all cool. You can see the models’ facial scars and uneven skin tons! They are human after all! And the whole time I was wondering how they can stay so stick thin! Gosh! It’s like the slightest force will break them into 2. But they’ve got this attitude thing oozing from every part of them, and I likey! The only down side was I didn’t bring my camera. Ish! Speaking of which, I’d really like me a Canon or Sony. Fingers crossed I can save enough for one! You can really see the difference between a, oh I don’t know, say Sony and a… Ricoh? Heh.

Oh yeah, what’s the contest’s all about huh? Well Maybelline’s gone to all colleges to hand pick the girls to be groomed to the next top make up artist. About 400 girls from all over applied and it was down to 10, and along the way, 1 girl dropped out because she couldn’t cope up with the pressure and hence, last night we saw 9 young, college girls at work, vying each other for the grand prize of a paid trip to New York to learn make up from Maybelline’s top make up honcho, Troy Surratt. They are all so cutesy and small in size, and nervous too! The hosts were 3R’s girls: Rafidah and Celina. And the theme to which the girls have to work their magic on was “New York”.

The girl that I rooted for didn’t win, I love her model! First she looks like Lucy Liu, and then, she’s all smileys besides being cool, at one time she was wearing this huge ass white rimmed sunnies on her head, and the next she was wearing a camel coloured newsboys cap, with her hair all tied up to a pony tail and then plaited, and then I love I LOVE the way she interprets New York! She looked so fun, so autumn-y, so happy, so… New York! But alas, she didn’t win. Blah.

The show ended literally, with a bang, which scared the heck outta me with its boom of confetti, I hope no cameras captured that picture of me jumping off my seat. Hehe.

Oh hail Lucy Liu! How I love you!


peekaboo said...

just a little comment to give my 2 cents worth on choice of digicam. between canon and sony, imho, you are better off getting a canon.

most pix taken by a sony digicam which i have seen are not sharp. (unless you plan to get one of those super hi-tech ones).

canons are nice and so easy to use. actually, the panasonic lumix is also pretty good. when i was shopping around for my digicam, practically all the sales people i spoke to recommended the lumix over the canon. (i actually had my heart set on getting a canon).

Leishia J said...

hey there boo! it was nice of u to drop by and share ur much appreciated opinion! i havent really go into researching them, looks like u have helped make my way smoother. hehe

Anonymous said...

why didn't call me larr....chong

Leishia J said...

"Why didnt call me lar" as in "why didnt' call me out yumchar lah"

or "Why didnt call me if there are stick think models and lucy liu look alike to ogle at lah"?

must be the latter lah! you ah!

Anonymous said...

whatever lar.... my blog has been updated..