Monday, December 18, 2006

Of Inhumanity & Strays

Last night we were out having dinner at one of those dirty chinese food court, and I met this most beautiful dog, well after my Polly! Hehe.

She has a coat of almost shiny short black fur; a pair of most striking, dark grape-like eyes, but she was kind of limping on her hind leg when she runs; it breaks my heart when I saw the fear in her eyes whenever she came across any on coming pedestrian, and she’d jogged away, with her limp tail tucked between her legs. Jason would call me paranoid (so you won’t be the first lah) but I really did feel what she felt!!!

You know how people cast you “puppy eyes” look? When they tilt their heads down and look up slightly with a subtle hint of plead and fear? That’s exactly how she looked at me when I fed her my stick of satay. So I begged and pleaded my way to Jason and got him to buy 2 pieces of duck… uhh… body part where it houses the brain to feed her (well they don’t sell chicken bones!) and went around searching for her. And finally she emerged from the crowd, and was wagging her tail when we motioned her to come over.

Came over she did, rather cautiously, and when she knew there’s no hostility, she went on to indulge her dinner. I was so happy! Well, at least if tomorrow those evil, worm-infested municipal council homo sapiens were to come for her, she’d at least die with a full stomach.

Edit: I took out my previous post full of uhm, bad words, on what I saw those brainless murderers did to harmless stray dogs near my office to keep you from getting shock with my beautiful vocabulary and language competency. If I’ve astonished you in any way (which I’ve already did to some, hehe, I was really very angry mah!), my apologies, however I reserve my right in free speech in my own personal blog. So unless we seriously strive to make this country a more humane place for all (stray dogs exclusively included), there’ll be lots more for me to bitch about.


mIcHe said...

i have a kurap dog at home and not much healthy food for him coz the owner is extremely poor. care send some money here so that i can buy yummy roasted duck for him????

Leishia J said...

a piece of duck head with neck is 50 cents only lah. cheaper than ur daily morning nasi lemak. if u buy chicken rice, just ask the uncle to by-the-way give u those chicken bones and parts that he doesnt want lah, most of them will be glad to give u, for free, or at most, RM2 for a big plastic bag full. add a bowl of rice into the bones, and it can last ur dog a good few days.

dont be kiamsiap lah, just as how u'll want to feed ur family no matter how poor u are, ur dog would appreciate some TLC too.

:) i think i should be an animals' right activist already!