Monday, December 04, 2006

A Come Back Note

I’m at work! Well that sure sounds good. Hehe.

Life’s great, it’s getting back to how it used to albeit changes and adaptations got to be made, of course. At least I’m getting back on the job market. It’s a small company but I think I’ll enjoy it, especially with my job scope! I mean, hello, no administrative work!!!! Bring it on any time!!!

My write up on a restaurant last week will come in print this week, I’m excited. I mean, after all, it’s my first article gone public ;) I shan’t be complaining too much, despite for the fact that my computer has no UBS slots for me to stick my pen drive into. Heh.

So anyway, here’s just a little update, saying I’m alive!

Last weekend we went back to Melaka because Jason’s mom wasn’t feeling too well and got hospitalised, thank God she’s doing fine now. We attended a wedding too, one of Jason’s old church member’s daughter. It was simple and nice. How weird, just a couple of months ago, it was ours and it was practically madhouse. Hah. Anyway, no pictures, because need I remind myself? My computer has no UBS slots! Gah!

Oh yeah, a happy belated birthday wish to Michelle who celebrated her birthday on the Nov 30th. We totally forgotten it was her birthday and just went about having breakfast with her and David until the clock struck 12 midnight that day. Hehe. Good thing we had dim sum and we paid. So consider the meal was specially for you lah! :)


Jonnie said...

coincident or what i was in melaka for the weekend...ahah

Leishia J said...

haiyah u ah, whether u are in melaka, pj, or kl, u'll always be occupied with work wan lah! hehe.

we'll be back there again next week, so ur highness will be there too?

miche said...

thank you again for for dim sum...hehe