Thursday, November 23, 2006

Counting Blessings

I haven’t been getting a lot of chance to come online and blog, and over the past one month, so many blessings have bestowed upon us, and we are truly grateful!

Well for one, I got a job! And I’m actually excited about starting on the 1st of December. I’ll be a writer with a publishing house. Well after taking off from the job market for 3 months, now just the thought of having a job and am able to earn makes me want to kiss the ground, let alone being titled a “writer”, something I’ve been dreaming of becoming! Praise God! Oh, I know I shouldn’t be boasting, but I can’t contain my excitement, because, I’ll be working 5 days week, leaving me with the weekend to serve in church and spend time with my loved ones, plus, I’ll get to tag along a for a food review next week! Whoo hoo! Praise You Lord! Your little bonuses are truly wonderful! Anyway, the way I got this job was a testimony on its own; I’ll share with you over teh tarik? :)

I’ve started my book project too, thanks to Jason’s constant bugging. Hehe. He’s been a good source of inspirations. I tend to lose my point when I got engrossed in typing and that’s where he comes in handy!

Jason brought me out for movies last Saturday (and that’s when the publisher called on our way to the cinema and offered me the job which I’ve given up hope on!), he knew how I love Happy Feet, those singing and dancing penguins full of attitude! I can’t tell you how cute they were, and talented too for that matter! You should catch it soon; it leaves you all swooned and giggly for the rest of the day!

Oh yes! We’ve finally registered for a phone line AND streamyx! That means, loads of up time at home! Oh I can’t wait! I hope the telekom people will be fixing the line soon before I start work next week. I can then go online until the cows come home! Hahahahah! OK, Jason doesn’t need this piece of info. Hehe.

I’ve joined the church caroling team too, although we won’t be going from house to house, only performing for the Christmas service, but it’s still all very exciting to me. I tried joining 2 years back, but pulled out half way through. This time around, Jason encouraged me to join again and enjoy, we have had only one practice, but I’m liking it already! Stage fright, out you go!

When you let go and let God, trusting not yourself but Him, He will make all things beautiful. In His perfect time.

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