Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm A Geek. I Know.

I’ve come up with a, what I call, super die hard luxurious to-buy list. It won’t be a wish list because it’ll remain just a “wish” if it’s so, however a “to-buy list” means there are chances I’ll get it, either as a present *hint* or I’ll save up enough for the items, in a matter of time. It's all in the mind, ya know.

Yay! Just the thought of it gives me orgasmic shivers! Heh.

In no specific order, I present to you: Leishia’s 2007 Super Die Hard Luxurious To Buy List! *cue Superman theme music* Together with the justifications of why I need these babies.


Why I need it? Because when it comes to punctuality, no one can beat me. In another word, I’m always made to wait. Now with my job I get to travel a fair bit, I always ended up being early, (as early as 1 and a half hour before the events start; why so early, you ask? Well I have a reason for that too, that’s because I live so far away from the town, so being early is the only way to make sure I’m not late. Another reason being, I’m a punctual freak, I can’t stand being late.) So being early means I need something to occupy my time; no, having breakfast and reading newspaper won’t cut it, because I eat and read pretty darn fast, and I don’t want to lug a book around. So OBVIOUSLY, playing games are the bestest past time :D

P/S: If PSP is really, really out of reach, Nintendo Gameboy Advance is good enough too.

Numero dos: A Canon digital camera. I haven’t done my rounds of research, but so far, my heart is for the Powershot and Ixus series: for its reputation and shape.

Why I need it? Because I am a *ahem* writer. It only makes sense that I have a camera with me to do my write up and couple them with photos from my point of view. OK lah, I lied. The real reason is being I got fed up with my current RICOH camera, because it’s just so… not nice to use? The picture quality totally sucks too! So it’s sitting in the drawer at home now. I haven’t even download my pictures from our honeymoon trip 3 months back!

Numero tres: A laptop. I don’t know much about brands and their models, but so far, just judging by the appearance and woah factors, I’m salivating over a wide screen Sony VAIO and a Toshiba Satellite, in black or chrome, can act as a mirror too! Mwahahaha!

Why I need it? Because I am a *ahem* writer. It only makes sense that I have a laptop at my convenience to capture *ahem* my inspirations and that I’ll be able to *ahem* work from everywhere. Me professional onot? ;)

Numero quatro: Fergie’s Dutchess album.

Why I need it? Because I love Fergie’s husky-but-sweet-and-almost-sultry-full-of-attitude voice. I love her attitude. I love London Bridge. I love the beat. I love how the music puts me in a party mood. I love how it makes me feel I’m full of attitude too. Hohoho. Never mind the fact that she is loud, and she can be vulgar, beyond this I see an entertainer in her and she doesn’t pretend or find the need to prove that she is a good, nice, girl next door. The rawness. I like.

Numero cinqo: An iPod MP3 player. In white, or black… or silver, fuchsia pink is OK too. Nah, I think I’ll stick to white…. Or black… argh.

Why I need it? Recently I find myself listening to loads of hip hop and R&B stuff, with some alternative and rock thrown in, besides some numbers I grew up with too. OK, that’s basically everything. Urgh, never mind. Bottom line, I’m getting back into listening to music, and I find myself strangely having cravings for a hitz fm morning crew dose every morning, and frankly, I can’t get enough of them. Hmm.

So yeah anyway, if my PSP tak jadi, then I’ll love myself an MP3 player. The reason for an iPod is because I like the colours and I like the shape. It’s all about appearance, I know, very shallow. But I want!

So there you have it! That’s basically all that I want, and that basically I’ll need a whole life to work for these babies. Oh well, no pain, no gain! :) Happy New Year y’all!

P/S: While I’m at it, I’ll also need a big ass, stylish bag, preferably in white synthethic leather, to carry all my babies everywhere I go! Yay! *Orgasmic shivers* again. Ooooh!


Anonymous said...

wah.... so many luxurious stuff... but come to think of it,I'm sure you and Jason can afford to get it by end of 2007.

Anonymous said...

1 mo ting i notis... only after marriage you ada wrote about having **orgasmic shivers**... hehehe... Jason must have fulfilled his responsibilities. Kudos Jason.

miche said...

kah kah kah kah kah kah

eh, we almost want the same things except the fergie thing.. :D

Leishia J said...

boy am i honoured to have u 2 peeps so concerned with my gettin some or not. hehe.